I was a fertile teen.

It took me 7 years to graduate high school becquse 5 of the 7 years i was pregnant. I was always horny and i could not stop fucking. I had 5 kids by the football captain, my friend's dad, the class president, my teacher, and my boyfriend's brother.
The pRoblem is now im pregnant with the head of on of the frats on campus


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  • I knew one girl who had two, pretty much one right after the other, but, she still graduated on time with us and went to college. Getting knocked up at 16 was bad enough, then she got it again at 17. Thing was, too, that everyone in the small town knew who she was, b/c her father was the newspaper photographer. Not like she could hide having 2 kids. The town knew and called her all sorts of bad things.

  • You mean it took you three years after when you should have graduated to get your GED. I had 3 babies before I was 18, got my GED, got an AA in communications, then had my fourth and started a production company with my first husband, and had my fifth just before we sold it. So what’s so hard about what you’re doing again?

  • Ah, this is to bait you...by a troll.

  • Well, hey, at least you made it to college.

  • Won’t anyone think of the children 😭

  • I guess birth control never occurred to you...

  • If you graduated from high school, it must have been on a modified diploma as a special education student.

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