New Orleans Nurse

I'm from Alaska and work in the oil industry, in the late 80s I was at LSU doing fire training for a few weeks. I went to spend a weekend in New Orleans. At the Cat's Meow I met a nurse who was a Cajun girl from the area and she was also in New Orleans for some kind of class or something. We were fooling around in that Cats, making out and I was playing with her pussy and she was rubbing my dick. We made it back to my hotel, I was staying in the Marriot. I was married at the time and she told me that she was too. I've never had sex like that. She was sucking my dick from the minute we got in the room, she sucked me hard and I came in her mouth, she just kept sucking. swallowing all of my cum and kept sucking till I was hard again. Then I fucked her for a long time and came in her pussy. We both passed out but she woke me up before sunup sucking my dick again. I'm pretty sure that I fucked her two or three more times before the sun came up and came in her pussy every time. I passed out again and when I woke up she was gone. I've always though that it would be nice to run into her again for another crazy night.

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  • Most Louisiana nurses are whores and love giving head

  • Could be my wife. We're from south Louisiana and she's fucked quite a few guys on trips to New Orleans for conferences etc. She loves sucking dick and tells me all about her episodes while sucking me off.

  • Sounds like a great time! lucky man

  • Hope she didn't leave a calling card: AKA, a disease or something

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