Caught by the Neighbor

We moved to a new neighborhood about two years ago and became really good friends with our neighbors (Steve and Angie) next door. Attractive couple in their mid-30s, much like us. We’re in a cul-de-sac but how our houses are situated they can see into our master bathroom if the shades aren’t shut. Honestly, I’ve never really given it much thought because the angles would almost need to be perfect for them to get a good look.

Last week at a neighborhood / quarantine barbecue the drinks had been flowing pretty good. Anyway, Steve and I were out on the street and he made a comment that kind of shocked me. Again....he had been drinking. “I must say that it’s pretty hot watching you some nights get ready for bed.”

I playfully laughed it off, but I felt a little violated at the same time. I’m pretty free in my own bathroom and just assume I’m not being watched. Truth is, I sleep many nights naked, or at the least, topless. So there’s a good chance Steve has gotten a pretty good look a few times.

I didn’t say anything to my husband because I knew he’d just get upset. But, it kind of turned me on. Steve was an attractive guy....and as a mom to two kids I’d be lying if I told you the attention wasn’t fun.

So what was I going to do? Nothing. At least that’s what I thought at the time. Later in the evening I found myself topless again in front of that window, secretly hoping he was watching me again. In fact, I’ve done it now the last five nights, and each evening I’ve been a little more brave. I’m not certain Steve has seen me every time or even once, but the thought just sends me over the edge.

How am I all of a sudden so naughty?

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  • I was 26.Been married 2 years and I was getting bored. Our 37 year old neighbour had been next door about a year. I caught him a few times looking at me while I was in a towel. We shared a smile. But one day I thought fuck it. I opened the towel and gave him a full view. He liked it very much. Later on with hubby at work ,I chatted to him over the fence. He thanked me for the incredible view. I told him there'll be more. Sometimes I wait in my towel till he's about just to flash him. It's gives me a rush and makes me horny. Then one time as I was waiting at the window he appeared also in a towel. I showed him then he dropped his towel. Wow his body was hot and his dick looked like it would do some pussy damage. Seeing him made me so horny. I looked forward to it almost every day sometimes even with my hubby at home. And just to let you know it did lead to more.

  • Because you're in your mid-30's, and hitting sexual maturity for women. Use it, abuse it, and flaunt the fuck out of it, while you still have it !

  • I give my neighbor guy a show all the time. I'm 22, single at the moment, and yes I still live with my parents. I can't help it, I just don't know what to do with my life. The neighbor guy is 40ish. My bedroom faces his kitchen. I keep the curtains pulled wide open and at night I walk around nude with the lights on. I know he's watching because I can sometimes see the red glow of his cigarette as he sits in the dark. I have given him all kinds of shows, sometimes it just depends on how horny I am. I have given him simple topless shows, to full on facing the window spread eagle using my toy shows. I am sure he plays with his little peter when I'm giving him the show of his life.

  • Omg, girl. I do the same thing. Isn't it funny how easily you can fuck with guys. I tease my boyfriends roommate all the time. He is so adorable and so sweet and couldn't get laid of his life depended on it. So anyway, I felt sorry for him. Some nights I stay eventhough my boyfriend works in the morning. I would normally get up, shower, and leave. The first time this happened I woke up horny. My boyfriend had left the door partially open and I didn't want to get up and close it, so I just laid there and twiddled myself to orgasm. After I had finished I noticed my boyfriends roommate standing quietly outside the door. He couldn't see anything because I was covered and the door wasn't opened enough, but the thought of him seeing me aroused me. After that morning I slowly started getting more and more daring. To the point where I eventually left the door completely open with me fully naked, no covers, and facing the door while I used a toy. The roommate used to try and hide, but now he just stands right in front of the door enjoying the show.

  • God, how I would've loved having an exhibitionistic tart, like you, in my neighborhood. Your window screen and the side of your parents house would've been encrusted with my spunk !

  • I wish I was your neighbor i would be watching all the time

  • This quarantine is having an effect on people.It's bringing out hidden sides and generally making them act differently.
    For instance my wife has cheated but she doesn't know that I know.She's been acting so differently now that she can't do her regular routine.Like work and gym and see friends. I still work so she's lonely.And her sex drive went through the roof. She's been wanting it lot more.At first I was all up for it.But it got too much.I just couldn't keep up and even though I'd made her cum she wanted more.I started turning her down too.Then I just couldn't focus because i was tired after work and id cum too soon anyway.She would be frustrated and say that I'm useless or maybe she'd find someone else.That hurt.
    So the following week when I got home I was surprised to see she had company.I've met him a few times.Her personal trainer from the gym.They were resting after working out.He was sitting outside while she was just through the conservatory doors. Atleast it was a social distance work out.I walked behind her,he saw me and said "hey man how's it going".I said "hi good thanks".My wife turned and she smiled and said "hey baby".She looked really happy.I said "just what you needed"she said "oh yes".I looked around at all the gear then said I was gonna have a shower.I walked through the kitchen and noticed something odd.We have a small leather settee that's against the back wall of the kitchen before you enter the conservatory and it never has a cover on it but it did for some reason.

  • That sounds hot. How far are you willing to go? Maybe go totally nude and start rubbing that pussy.

  • You want another cock in you, your hoping he will ask

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