Very good at what I do

When I was a teenager my best friend convinced me that women who could deepthroat could have any man they desire. I took this to heart and started practicing on pretty much anything I could shove down my throat. Not gunna lie, I threw up many times, gagged I don't know many times, and even choked one time requiring my older brother to save my life with the heimliche. I eventually subdued my gag reflex and mastered the art of swallowing large items. I could swallow a whole banana like it was nothing.

I never had much sex when I was in highschool. I did it twice, once with a guy at a party which literally lasted all of 2 minutes, and once with my boyfriend on prom night. Other than sex twice, I had yet to put my oral skills to the test. My freshman year in college was the same as highschool. Not much in the way of guys I wanted to be with. Don't get me wrong, many guys had tried and many guys had failed. I just wasn't interested in sex all that much. Especially after the 2 guys I had already been with in highschool.

My sophomore year was a little different, but not much. I did mean a guy I liked and had sex with him. It was just as bad and quick as my previous 2 experiences. Then I met Alex. He was kind and funny and handsome. We had met at the start of 2nd semester and were in the same class together. We instantly hit it off and became friends, then lovers. He was the first boy who actually paid attention to my needs and lasted longer than just a few minutes. He made me orgasm the first time with the use of his tongue, it was nothing short of magical. One would think that should have been able to finally put my oral skills to the test, but sadly I was not as Alex was all about giving and not receiving. We never really dated and went our separate ways at the end of school year.

My Junior year was more of the same, boring and no real lovers so to speak. Then my senior year came along. I met Josh at the start of the year. He was a transfer from out of state and was a senior as well. We got along great, he was charming and liked all the same things as I did. However, he wasn't all that cute. I mean he wasn't bad looking, but he wasn't handsome neither. So I never really looked at him in a sexual way, more like a guy friend is all. That all changed when he and I went to a party one night. We were both drunk, him more so than I, and we were trying to get back to his aunt's house where he lived. I got him down the steps and into his basement apartment and finally on the bed. He was still half with it and asked me to help him get undressed. I obliged, unknown that he was commando. I pulled his pants down and was faced with the largest penis I had ever seen, he was huge. I tried not to look but he eventually caught me and asked if I wanted him. I was hesitant at first but couldn't get over the urge to at least test out the skill I had been working on for years. I excepted and knelt on the bed next to him. I first stoked him to get it hard. He had to a been at least 10 inches hard and pretty girthy as well. I slowly took his penis in my mouth and sucked on the head. I knew I could easily swallow a banana, but Josh was bigger than that. Much fatter and a little longer. I slowly eased his penis down my throat pulling back a little with each push forward. It was almost like I was training again and waiting to start choking. Inch by inch I slowly swallowed ever thing he had, coming to rest at his pelvis. He moaned in pure pleasure and disbelief of what I had just done. I slowly moved up and down on his shaft waiting for my gag reflex to kick in, but it never did. I started moving faster and eventually moved with ease like his large penis was meant to go down my throat. I sucked and messaged his balls for several minutes until I felt the unmistakable pulse of his penis and knew he was about to orgasm. I took him deep down my throat and held my lips at his pelvic while he ejaculated down my esophagus. I had finally done it and was proud of myself for accomplishing what I had set out to do so many years before. I was glad my years of training were not wasted and I knew I truly could have any man now.

Josh and I ended up having sex that night, but nothing else ever became of our relationship. We both graduated and went our separate ways. He to Boston while I to Chicago. I eventually found a guy who is sweet and handsome. We married and I give him oral almost every time we make love. He's not as big as Josh, so I have no problem swallowing him quickly and easily, but he still rocks my world.


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  • LOL ! 1st dick you ever sucked and you "knew he was about to orgasm" ? How could this be ? Because of the "unmistakable pulse" of all the bananas, cukes, and carrots that came before him ? A stupid post from a cock curious dude !

  • The OP is a dude because a woman can't feel anything in her pussy while being fucked? I don't get your reason behind saying the OP is a dude.

  • Obviously you are a guy. Yes, we can clearly tell when a guy is about to ejaculate. Blowjob or not.

  • Good girl.

  • Omfg what a long story get to the point

  • I'm sorry you can't read more than one paragraph. Maybe take some reading classes, I don't know. You fucking ignorant uneducated dick.

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