My wife Karen

After our second child our sex life had slowed down some and we were down to maybe 3 or 4 times a month having sex but I thought about it a lot and I missed the excitement so I started watching porn to gear my life up again and it worked and Karen reacted to it also laughingly asking what in the world had gotten into me .
I told her and she first laughed but grudgingly she gave in and joined me now after the kids were in bed and we would watch others having sex and we surfed the net and found some wife sharing sites that we both liked and then one night we watched a white wife with a black man and boy did my wife through a wild fuck that night so I started finding inter racial wife sharing sites and Karen loved it and some of the guys had really big cocks and Karen couldn't believe that the woman could actually take something that big but I told her pussy were adjustable to size and we talked about it a lot until one night while we were having sex I began to whisper in her ear that I was going to find a big cocked black for her and watch them fuck and Karen went wild as I kept up whispering how beautiful she was and how much I wanted to see a big cocked black guy fuck her and she had a very powerful orgasm.
One night while watching a wife take a big cock she asked do you think I could take something like that ?
I assured her that she could as long as the guy went slow and we actually began to plan on finding a guy for her with her constantly asking if I could really do it and our sex life got even better as I went through sites looking for a guy that we both liked and this one guy Jeffery was the guy we both liked best o we contacted him and traded pictures then he gave his ph # and we called and talked to him .
He was in the military stationed at Travis Air Base n Fairfield about 16 miles away so we agreed to a meeting at his place.
Karen was in a turmoil after that changing her mind several times a day about doing it and in between asking me what she should wear when we met him.
She picked out a new not see through but a very slinky simple skirt with straps over her shoulders that would be easy to remove .
Her breasts were still firm so we decided no bra and she had on a string pair of pantie's with just a patch of cloth covering her vagina.
And again she was antsy on the way over asking to be reassured that I was ok with her letting another guy fuck her and she asked if she should make him pull out when he came but she was on birth control so I said no let him cum inside of you.
He lived in an apartment complex and his was on the second floor .
Karen was a nervous wrech by now as we made our way up the steps and she glanced around nervously looking likeshe might bolt and run but I took her hand and began to whisper to her to calk her down and when he answered the door Karen blushed when he looked at her and she gripped my hand tightly as I led her into the room .
Jeff was about 6 ft tall and a well built young man his hand shake was firm and he smiled at Karen and she seamed ti shrink in size as she gripped my hand even tighter she blurted out I have never done this before and Jeff smiled and said not to worry I wont hurt you just take a few deep breaths and relax here have a drink and he poured her a glass of dark wine and offered me a beer.
We talked for a short time untile Karen started to relax and Jeff told a couple jokes to lighten the mood and soon Karen was laughing along with us and then Jeff stood and took her hand in his and he pulled her to her feet and Karen followed him into the bedroom she was glancing around again feverously and when she made eye contact with me her face flushed a deep red and even her ears were flushed as he turned her around and gently pulled her back against him and he put his hands on her hips and he kissed the back of her neck and Karen gave a breathless sigh and she began to breath faster as his hands traveled up her waist until he captured her breasts in his hands still kissing her neck and shoulders .
Karen again looked frightened but she swallowed and put her hands over his and closed her eyes as he funneled her breasts then she pulled the string holding her dress over her shoulders an her top fell and her breasts were bared now and her nipples were swollen proudly sticking out now as his thumbs and forefingers worked them over gently Karen reached behind her and rubbed his cock in his pants then Jeff turned her around and pushed her dress over her hips and she was totally nude except for her string panties and shoes They kissed now and Karen was responding to him now wrapping her arms around his neck and I could hear then sucking on each others tongues as they kissed and Jeff lifted her leg up onto his bed and reached behind her pulling her string panties to one side and he began to work his finger into her pussy ad Karen whimpered still sucking on his tongue her body began to respond also in jerky movements then she stopped and began to frantically undo his pants and Jeff helped pulling his shirt over his head as Karen whimpered in frustration as the zipper refused to give but Jeff quckly took over and in seconds his pants and shorts were on the floor and he stepped out of them kicking off his shoes then Karen was on her knees holding his long cock saying OMG OMG but she sucked his cock head into her mouth and began to stroke his shaft making slurping sounds as his soft cock began to fill . Jeff did not let her d this long before he pulled her to her feet and lifted her up on the bed then he leaned over and sucked first one then the other of her breasts as Karen began to breath harshly tryog to hold his mouth on her tits but he moved down her belly and mouthed he Pussy and she gasped and her body arched off the bed she said I am going to cum but I want yu in me first so Jeff stood taking his cock in his hand as Karen held her knees apart for him and he paced his cock head at her entrance that glistened with her excited lube and I watched as his cock head pushed the folds of her pussy apart then disappeared into my wife .
Karen again gasped but then with her feet flat on the bed she began to respond meeting him stroke or stoke as more and more of his cock entered her and Karen cried out I'm Cumming but Jeff was also on the verge so he didn't even slow down and he wildly fucked her through her first orgasm and he lasted long enough for her to be on the verge of a second orgasm when he got his nuts and Karen frantically rubbed her clit with her fingers as his cock pulsed inside of her and she came again.
After that they coukdent keep their hands off one another and we spent sever hours with him and we even had a pizza delivered with soft drinks as we took a break.
Karen and cleaned herself up a couple times and I was surprised at how many times Jeff was able to cum hell after a couple times I am through but he had at least three times and maybe four when they took a shower together I could hear them getting it on in the shower.
Well we still do this from time to time and her and Jeff have met a few times oh and Karen insisted on measuring his cock and it was a little over 9 inches and almost 3 1/2 inches thick.


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