My Fantasy

I always fantasized about having a guy or friend down in our Family Room for drinks, then having my wife come down wearing a see through top, no Bra, short Skirt, no Panties. She would pretend to be straightening things up or dusting the Coffee Table... bending over just enough for the Guy to see a bit of her Pussy or facing him where he could see her nice Tits. I notice that he's trying not to be obvious but keeps sneaking a peek at her. I can also see his Cock starting to swell in their pants.

After while of her buzzing around she joins us for a drink and I finally mention to the him that I noticed he was checking her out. He gets a little embarrassed and finally admits that she's really hot and he couldn't help looking. My wife adds "I didn't mind you looking. John likes me getting a Man hot, and I like it too"

I ask my Wife to come sit between us on the bar Stools. Her top is see through and low cut too and her Tits are half exposed... at this point he is almost sweating and fidgeting around in his seat trying to act normal. My Wife can see his cock is really bulging and hard in his pants now. She says" are you ok?" He finally just comes out and says " Your are one Hot lady and John is a lucky guy" She tells him to relax and puts her hand on his Leg about 4 inches from his Crotch. I can see he's starting to realize he may be in for a treat. I decide to let it go further and ask "would you like to feel her breasts"? He just nods and I nod approvingly. He starts to feel her right Boob and her nipples immediately gets hard. She then pulls her top down and both Tits are there for him to see and feel. He rubs them both and tweaks her Nipples gently.

After a few minutes Karen is breathing faster and moans very faintly.. she's enjoying it as much as me and my Cock is very hard now too. It's time to go further.. I ask Karen if she would like to see his Cock.. she says that would be nice. I don't even have to say anything to him, he stands up and pulls down his Pants and sits back on the chair. His Cock is pretty good size and there's some pre cum on the tip. Karen looks at his Cock then looks at me.. I nod ok and she turns back towards him and takes it in her hand. It almost looks like it's throbbing and she starts stroking it and rubbing the tip with her thumb ..smearing the Pre Cum and making his Cock wet and slippery. She then puts her hand on my Crotch and rubs it... I get right up and my Pants are down and back on the Stool. Now she's stroking us both... I look over at him and he's playing with her tit again. I do the same. He's on one I'm on the other.

We are all very hot now. Karen gets up, takes her skirt off, and stands in front of us and is back stroking our Cocks. I'm just waiting and thinking about her going down on us both. We had talked about this scenario many times.. now it's actually happening. She doesn't make us wait long. She starts on my Cock and sucks the Head.. she knows I like that. She is so good at it and knows that I can come very fast.. she sucks until I cum just a little. Now it's his turn. After seeing her Suck me he can hardly wait. She takes his Cock in her mouth and starts sucking it pretty hard...the look on his face is just amazement. I get up and move behind her. She's bent over sucking him and I start rubbing her Ass and then move her legs apart a little so I can get my Fingers in that Pussy. She's really wet and her clit is swelled up and hard. I crouch down a bit and guide my Cock into her nice wet Cunt. I know I can't last too long so I go real slow.. just enjoying that sweet Pussy as long as I can without going off.

As I pull out, Karen shocks me saying " Why not let him get in there John" We trade places. He is now behind her, I'm back on the stool. She goes back to sucking me while I see him sliding his Cock into her.. she gasps as he shoves it in far as he can and leaves it there for about 10 seconds then starts stroking her Cunt. I'm now living my Fantasy and maybe she is too. Karen says " I want you guys to Fuck my Cunt and Mouth and fill me with your Cum" She starts taking my Cock down her throat. I'm not going to last long but he's moaning and ready to go too. It only takes about another Minute and we both explode in her.. she's going off too and shaking, almost screaming even with my Cock in her Mouth. She is draining the last few drops of me while he slowly gives her a few more strokes then pulls out.

We all get back on the Stools and are just panting and catching our breath. Karen says " Did you guys enjoy that" I say "Honey, you know I did" and He says "That was the best Sex I've ever had, I would give anything to do it again. Karen, you are amazing" Karen gathers up her Skirt and starts heading to the bathroom. After a few steps she turns and says " Why don't you guys have a few more Drinks and maybe we do this again later" We both look at each other and smile... Oh Yeah, for sure!

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  • It was years ago when my mate just before he went home to his wife asked my wife (jen) for a good night kiss asking me if it was all right with me. My answer was jen is her own boss. She didn't complain when Phil gave her the kiss, but true to form he didn't leave it with just a kiss. They were standing and while Phil gave jen the kiss his hands were roaming all around her bottom actually lifting her skirt and I wasn't complaining watching what was happening right in front of me. He didn't stop there but with me not saying anything he really started taking it further. He went on to actually lifting her skirt right up and right in front of my eyes started pushing her knickers down a bit. With me still not saying anything and jen visibly enjoying the attention (I think jen actually fancies Phil) Phil went on to actually fondle her tits and me still not complaining but actually really getting turned on watching. He went on to unfasten her blouse with her actually helping taking it right of. She actually unfastened her own bra letting Phil actually take it off. She now was standing topless. I am now watching my wife topless and kissing my best friend who now was lifting her skirt again only this time actually undoing the button on the waist and actually pushing her skirt down. She was now standing there just in her knickers. To see my wife just in her knickers with my mate and myself still fully dressed was really really turning me on. To this day I don't know what possessed me to say this but I actually invited them to go to our bedroom (we live in a bungalow) I think jen was already thinking about going there but to see them both walk down the hall disappearing into our bedroom was the ultimate. Just before leaving the lounge my mate said to me now I am going to satisfy jen properly and there is nothing you can do. The feeling I got at that minute was a mixture of real excitement but also frustration knowing I had set the whole evening up

  • Ask your wife if she fancies any of your friends. It took years to convince my wife that it was okay, but she agreed when one of my friends was attractive enough to meet her standards. He comes over to hang out, and we'll have threesomes four or five times a year. We've had to roll it back, because our kid is old enough to know what's going down, but it has been fun. It's nice just to watch too.

  • My post is Fantasy.. Don't know if I could really handle another Dude doing her... I can get her to talk about it to get me going. but that's it. She would never actually agree.. or maybe just too embarrassed to admit it :)

  • Very hot that your wife is open to sex with others. How about you? You willing to suck a cock or take one up your ass? She might enjoy seeing you with another man.

  • Naw..I would never do anything with a guy.. the thought of it makes me ill. I'm just not programed that way. But hey, I could care less what others like to do..

  • My girlfriend said she would like for me to watch her get fucked by another guy. She got this idea after watching porn.

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