Hypno wife party

My wife and I had been invited, to a house party hosted by my new boss. I had been warned by some of my co workers that the partys are somewhat of a sexual nature but having not long started there I didnt want to refuse. We arrived and started to chat to the other guests my boss ensuring mine and karens glasses were always topped up in fact Karen was getting quite drunk when the boss anounced some eentertainment. A hypnotist was the entertainment and asked for volunteers , my boss nudged karen and surprisingly she put up her hand and sat down at the front. The hypnotist spoke to the volunteers and after a few minutes karens eyes started to close , a few minutes later karens and another girl were completely under , the hypnotist bent down and spoke to karen his hand resting on her legs , as he spoke his hand slowly moved up her legs as he told her how horny she was feeling . After a few minutes his hand was on her pussy and as he held the microphone to her mouth we could hear her groaning. You need sex dont you karen he said karen groaned yes , he told her to stand up and go and sit on the bosses lap she walked forward lifting her dress showing her black panties and staddled the boss. She started to girate slowly up and down the boss unzipped his trousers and removed his hard cock looking over at me he winked and pulled karens panties to one side and slowly entered her , she groaned and slowly rode his cock the hypnotist told her faster and faster until her big tits were bouncing around , the boss pushed his hips up as he came inside her. The hypnotist told karen to go back and sit down as the other hypnotised girl took her place . .

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  • Office parties are so much fun

  • I am 24 F and quite the looker and last summer I was put under and when I became aware of the fact I got fucked for his cum dribbled down my legs and I had no panties on. Come to find out I fucked every guy there some a few times, now when I hear the word pussy I get hot and I want to get fucked. Well it happened and I got arrested having sex in the park during broad daylight and a lot of kids were around.

  • Hypno is great, but she couldn't have been as drunk as you suppose; drunks have already hypnotized themselves. Still, thanks for this.

  • Thanks the hypnotist said she is a natural and has been put under since for some more fun . .

  • I hope you two pursue this and make this known more widely in your community.


  • We have been doing

  • EXCELLENT! Would you mind giving some very general idea where you're located?

  • England

  • Alas! Separated by the big pond ...

  • I have a couple of pics of her on the night if anyone is interested. .

  • Yes....

  • Seriously? So have you told her? Any more developments?

  • She went back to her seat and went to sleep . When the other girl had finished the hypnotist invited other guys to come and touch kazz up etc . She doesnt remember anything about it but the hypnotist gave her a word which when he says it she would go straight under again . .

  • You have to love post-hypnotic suggestion -- layers of conditioning, automatic behavior, triggers, augmented desire, suppressed inhibitions, and that doesn't even scratch the surface! By the gods -- this is beautiful stuff!

  • Had a similar incident, holiday party, over a thousand employees who work for the company, everyone was dressed up, black tie affair, gourmet food, top shelf liquor. As I was mingling with some other co-workers my wife disappeared, I found her eventually, and she told me she was talking outside with some other wives. A whole year passes, and this new security guard was excited about the holiday party, he heard the wives get loose, and he showed me the security footage. It was another office/conference room, clear as day you can see the girls, and all the guys that were fucking them. One of the girls was my wife, the boss was first with her, then my very own cousin, 2 guys that I know, and another that I didn't . And I found it funny cause she brought to the same office later and we had sex there too. I took a copy of the tape. Don't know what to do with it yet

  • Get rid of it and forget about it but get her into a chastity belt or pierce her cunt lips in a couple of places and lock them that will slow her down for sure

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