Pleasant surprise

I'm a 37 year old married man. I've been married 8 years. Wife and I used to be very sexually active and sexually adventurous. But the past few years it's died off. I've been bisexual for the longest time. Wife knew that I had done some oral things with men before I met her but thinks that was the past.

So about 2 weeks ago I was on an app looking for a gay hookup. I don't just mess around with just anyone. I have been hooking up with someone close by for about a year now and the app is how we communicate.

I got a message from someone introducing himself. We made small talk. He asked if I had pics. I said him first. Its my wife's younger brother. From what I thought I knew, he isn't gay or even bi. He has been dating a girl for a while now and they seem happy. So what to do? He showed me his face right off the bat. I never thought about messing around with him but now that I know what he looks like nude, I kinda did.

He asked for my pic again. I sent him a pic of my cock. He said, "Very nice. Not too small. Not too big. Now let's see the rest. I took a full frontal pic in front of my full length mirror. I gulped and sent it. While it was loading I sent a msg that said, "Here it is, Adam." He said, "You know me?" Then the pic loaded. Nothing for about 5 minutes. Then he said, "Jason? What are you doing on here?" I said, "Well, tbh, I come on here to talk to a FWB." He said, "What about Amy?" I said, "She doesn't know. I assume Rachel doesn't know about you." He said, "No. She doesn't. I would have never guessed you like men. So where do we go from here?" I said, "Is Rachel there with you?" He said, "No. She's out of town." I said, "Well, I could come over." He said, "Over here?" I said, "Yeah. You're horny right?" He said, "Very." I said, "Gimme like 20 min. Be naked." He said, "Ok. Front door is open."

I got there and walked in. He said, "Jason? That you?" I said, "Yeah." He walked up. I kissed him. It startled him. Then he relaxed and kissed back. I grabbed his cock and started fondling. He stuck his hand down my pants and started rubbing my cock. I wore just a t-shirt and shorts over. He said, "Let's go get in bed.

I took off my clothes and got on the bed. He started sucking my dick. I said, "you a bottom or top?" He said, "Versatile. You?" I said, "Bottom." He said, "Wow. Really? You gonna let me fuck you?" I said, "Yeah. I don't get fucked too often. Rob doesn't fuck me very often. He likes sucking dick more." He said, "Who is Rob?" I said, "The neighbor. We've been having sex for about a year now. I go over after work. Once or twice a week."

We started to 69. He is a damn good cock sucker. He made me cum pretty quick. Then I reached into his bed side table and got out his lube. I rubbed it on his cock and got on my hands and knees. He got behind me and slid it in. He moaned and said, "Oh yeah. Such a nice and tight ass. You ok?" I said, "Im great. Fuck me daddy."

Fuck me, he did. When he got close he said, "I'm gonna cum soon. Want me to pull out?" I said, "No. Keep it in." He said, "Holy shit! Really? God damn that's hot!" He shot his load in me. Afterwards we spooned. His cock was hard but softening. He had a little bit of cum oozing out. I leaned down and sucked the tip and cleaning the cum off his cock.

He said, "So how do we do this?" I said, "What do you mean?" He said, "I know your secret. You know mine." I said, "Well, I'm not one to fuck just anyone. So when we both have the opportunity and are willing, we do it again. Amy can never know tho." He said, "Well, I'll never tell. She would divorce you. She'd hate me. I'd lose Rachel. So as long as we don't get caught, Im good."

That was 2 weeks ago. We've had sex 3 times since. Its perfect. The wife thinks that her brother and I have just finally bonded and that we are just hanging out and doing guy things. She has no idea I go over there because I like taking the dick from him.


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