Hot Tub Fun Part 2

The experience of holding my wife in position while these frantic young men used her like a slut was so arousing that we needed to experience it again, so when the boys were finished with her I invited them to come round to the house at the weekend

The three of them arrived together and I invited them to come inside. They looked quite nervous, so we decided to get started straight away. Karen smiled and put them at ease talking to each of them. Once they seemed settled, she invited them to undress her. I watched as the boys surrounded Karen, they began with her blouse unbuttoning it slowly until every button was unfastened. They pulled her blouse out from the waistband of her skirt. Karen let her hands drop after the blouse was removed and purposely let the back of her hands brush against their hard cocks. Karen smiled to herself as the boys jumped at the slightest touch. She wouldn't have been surprised if they had cum before they finished undressing her.

One of the boys unclasped her bra at the back and the two others eased it down her shoulders baring her beautiful breasts. The boys gasped with delight as her tits came into view and her hardening nipples stuck out like eraser tips. Karen once again let her hands roam and she lightly scraped their abdomens with her long finger nails causing each boy to flinch with a reflex action. She ran her fingertips gently over the heads of their cocks and she felt the first drops of pre-cum seeping out. The boys fondled her tits and played with her nipples as Karen tickled their crotches with her fingers.

The boys were breathing hard and anxious to get to the next step. They unzipped Karen's skirt and pulled it down her legs. She stepped out of the skirt when it reached the floor and she stood there in just her panties and heels. The boys were shaking with excitement and desire. As Karen let her hands drift under the boy's scrotums and one by one she trailed underneath them with her fingernails. The boys flinched as the shock from her touch travelled through their bodies.

Karen then had the boys take her panties off next. They each grabbed part of the waistband and slowly peeled her panties down her shapely legs. Their eyes wide with excitement as her pussy came into view. Karen stepped out of her panties and stood before them as they stared at her neatly trimmed pussy and curvy ass. Karen invited them to start by kissing her legs as they reached to stroke her naked body. The boys knelt down and obediently trailed kisses up her legs as they slowly made their way to their feet.

They began to caress Karen's body a little more roughly, feeling her tits, cupping her ass and probing her wet pussy with their fingers. As they grew bolder she felt one of them massage her asshole. The boys now had their fingers in her ass and her pussy as they fondled her tits. Karen let her hands dance around their cocks and abdomens. Every time she touch them lightly or gently scraped them with her finger nails, the boys bodies jerked with uncontrollable reflex actions. Karen led them into the bedroom to let the games begin.

Karen had one of the boys lay on his back and she straddled him slowly lowering her hot pussy onto his throbbing cock. He groaned as he felt the warm, moist folds envelop his surging prick. Next she felt one of the other boys mount her from behind and gently ease his cock into her tight asshole. Karen moaned this time as she felt the ample cock enter her anus. The third boy took his place in front of her face and Karen eagerly sucked his cock right into her mouth. She intended for the boys ejaculate on her body, but they came too quickly. The boys didn't last two minutes once they were inside Karen's holes and one by one they spurted their huge loads into her mouth, ass and pussy. Karen was proud of herself that those three young virile men could be so turned on by her, that they would lose their loads so fast.

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  • Nice fantasy, your wife didn’t turn them young boys on at that age when the wind blows there dicks get hard, a quick touch there done

  • Bless..... you're telling little porkie pies now aren't You?

  • Disclaimer: Please note that this is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, events and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination, or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

  • I'm not sure, I know there is a woman named Karen.

  • "The mind of man can imagine nothing which has not really existed." --Edgar Allan Poe

  • Bitch needs to go to damn writers group and post this shit smh

  • Oh dear God please stop with the cringeworthy posts. It's like a 60 year old woman wrote it. SNORE. Zzzzzzzzz

  • Its that bloody "writer girl" isn't it.

  • She gets a response from you, which I guess makes you her bitch ;)

  • Nah I think she just needs to know that she's not writer material.

  • So when did this place become a literary forum, are you fucking Stephen King?
    or someone you fucking faggot.

  • Why the gay slur? Offensive.

  • Her stories are probably a bit “main stream” for you, as they don’t contain sex with children, animals, parental incest, or sex with dead people and consequently won’t appeal to a degenerate mind like yours.

  • Ha ha you're the author! You seem to not take criticism well.

  • I don't mind criticism when it comes from an educated expert, but not from an ignorant moron as in this instance ;)

  • So we are ignorant cos your stories are shit. God you really need to get over yourself and that big head of yours. Just because we can point out your embarrassing efforts , doesn't make us ignorant. Just makes you a rubbish story teller.

  • Who is it that you refer to as "We"?
    Is it my head that is big or yours, if you really consider that you speak for everyone else on the site. You keep coming back with these put downs hoping that you will have the last word, but it isn't going to happen. Just as you have the right to your opinion , I have the right to defend myself.
    Perhaps you could create something yourself and post it so that everyone could learn what good story telling looks like.

  • I think a few people have mentioned your stories? I think for some reason you've concocted a little story in your head, if you think I'm always the one "rowing" with you and "wanting the last word" sorry love but you are not the centre of my universe... You're not my spouse. Just to prove that, you reply now and have your little say, I won't reply, no matter what you write. Good day.

  • I have also decided to delete the link to this thread, so won’t come back to it.
    Although amusing to start with, it’s become too tedious and I have better things to do with my time.
    Just for the record though I was never a female, just another assumption made and I never claimed to be a writer, failed or otherwise. It just provides me with a light distraction when there is not much sitting in my inbox. As you say it’s Just as well I am not your spouse, unless you are batting for both sides 

  • Sorry I have to chip in here (I'm not the poster or the commenter) but I can't see anywhere where it suggests he or she insinuated that you're female? By clearly stating 'spouse that could mean either way. I do believe though that u are not just talkin to 1 specific person, there are a few commenting and it sometimes looks like crossed posts,personally ur stories are not to my taste but I'd not bash u for it, it's each to their own and I'm just here for a nose. It's like the whole peg thing there was uproar over that name and I didn't understand that but then everyone has a bug bear I'm not here to judge, I think what people like here is confessions. It's always been that way, alot of people get off on quick honest sexy hot confessions, some are not into fancy long ones when they want to bang one out. But some may like it All the best.

  • I just read both parts of this story and I am not sure that a man wrote this. With the erotic use of fingernails and the desire for trailing kisses up the legs, it sounds like much more like a woman's fantasy, but written from the point of view of the husband. Nice work though, Thanks for posting.

  • So “the boys” were, what, in their fifties? Lmao. Oh no? They were teenagers? And everything they did was SLOW?! Try again. Nice first draft, though.

  • Now I really think your exagerating here, this is something that you just made up isn't it ?

  • Absolutely right, all fiction I never claimed anything else, you just assumed.

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