Her Family Pays Me Extra

I know it's wrong but it's worth the pay. I got involve with Lisa, a cock sucking, mouth fucking middle age slut who likes my cock. Lisa uses me as a handyman to do and repair things. In exchange for my hard work, she lets me cum in her mouth while giving me a terrific head job while I twist her nipples.
It started out with helping her mother. Lisa would pay me in her usual way. Her mother felt guilty of all the work I do around her home. She decided to give me a reward. I was stunned by her action but happy. Now I get hand jobs from her often. She jerks me off onto a towel she lays on the kitchen table. The first time we was sitting on the couch. She put her hand near my privates, exposed a nipple and undid my pants. "This is for the work you do around here." She grabbed my cock and played with it until it hardened. She tugged it until my cum flew in the air.
Lisa then begged me to help her daughter Heather. She kicked her husband out and has no one to help her. Heather was short small breasted chubby blonde with a hot ass. Her mother told her I was attracted to her ass. Then one sunny day when I was over at Heather's working, she was tanning herself topless face down in the lounge recliner. Her ass looked so hot, that it gave me a hard on. I didn't know she saw it. Then she asked me if I would apply lotion on her back I started applying the lotion. She kept saying "Lower" until my hand was on her ass and said," You can play with my ass if you like as a reward for helping me". She didn't reject the idea of me pulling my pants down and sliding my rod between her ass cheeks and grabbing her puffy breasts until it shot cum up her back. From that day, outside, in the back yard, Heather would lay face down naked on a blanket on the lawn for me to masturbate all over her ass.
Finally there is Bonnie, Lisa's older cousin. She too needed a handyman and Lisa volunteered me for her. "You behave there. Bonnie has a habit of not being careful on the type of clothing she wears around the place. Sure enough! Bonnie's breasts and ass shook about in her clothes. I always carried an erection in my pants when I'm at Bonnie's. She was a long hair brunette with an hour glass body with very long tits and nipples. Bonnie knew I always carried an erection when I was there. Once she was in a sheer nightie and I saw her dark bushy beaver. I couldn't help from touching my privates and she saw that. The next time I was over she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bathroom. "You can work later. I want to repay you for being a gentleman and hard worker." as she turned on the shower and undid my pants and saw what I carried. "WOW!" Then she took off what she had on and I yelled "WOW!" We soaped each other up. I kept soaping her hanging tits and she pointed my cock to her hairy cunt and began to rub her clit with it. "Let's go to the bedroom." I said. Bonnie thinking I'm going to fuck her, spread out on the bed. Instead I stuffed my face in her hairy cunt and started teasing her clit with my nose while my hands played with the hairs she has between her legs. I grabbed her hair brush and started brushing and spanking that beaver with it. I told her to make me cum all over it and she tugged me good. So good that I told her I have another load in me.
Lisa doesn't know I'm getting pleasured really well by her family that she has me watch her give head to the dog.

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