Vinegar fetish

The smell of vinegar always turns me on, anyone else?

7.2 years ago

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    • Vinegar!

    • Yum

    • I've got a condom filled with Sarsons Malt Vinegar on my throbbing cock now ;-)

    • Hot

    • I'd love t see that mmmm fancy a chat..anyone fancy a vinegar chat?

    • Email?

    • if anyone wants to chat

    • What's yours. People leave emails and don't respond. So what's the point ??? Only wanna chat about vinegar sex fetish

    • I’ll share mine soon. Vinegar

    • Anyone know any lube that smells like vinegar

    • You can mix your favorite water based lube with high concentration acetic acid (food grade!) to achieve 1% to 5% acidity without it becoming too watery. Result is a nicely smelling vinegar lube that feels awesome.

    • Any vinegar lovers out there tonight?

    • Yes! God it always makes me rock hard

    • Always here. I'd love t talk vinegar 😋

    • Heck ya

    • For an average 150L bathtub you would need 12.5L food-grade acetic acid with 60% acidity diluted in 137.5L of water to get a full 150L bathtub of 5% white vinegar. Sounds doable and like a lot of fun. Who wouldn't want to bath in vinegar? Anyone wants to try?

    • I would love to try that I want to hear from people who love it I did not even know there were this many people my email address is fleisherm97@gmail

    • Uffffff🤤

    • Every few weeks! It’s the best

    • My email is

    • This must be the most loneliest fetish. I crave someone the same as me with this beautiful fetish. Oh vinegar I love you x HELP VINEGAR LOVERS NEEDED APPLY WITHIN X

    • What's your email address?

    • What's yours? I reply to emails on here and no one answers back


    • See what I mean

    • I drown myself in white vinegar and have the best organisms ever while masterbating - anyone else?

    • Oh ya

    • Mmmm you got email?

    • I really like vinegar talks, but I like making them come true more.

    • Anyone fancy sucking vinegar from my dick. Leave email for chat

    • White vinegar is the best. Whats your vinegar?

    • White vinegar, apple cider vinegar and raspberry vinegar are a huge turn-on to me.

    • Mine are Distilled White Vinegar & Rice Vinegar.
      My favorite brands are Heinz and Nakano.

    • Distilled malt is amazing

    • Interesting. Its not my fav but I can see the appeal.

    • Anyone else addicted to smelling vinegar? Have to sniff vinegar at least once every day. If i don't i can't stop thinking about vinegar until i do it.

    • When you do sniff vinegar, what do you associate it and why?
      For me, the smell of white vinegar= pickles k & douching. Rice vinegar= grainy, that scene when Colt Seavers from The Fall Guy winds up hitting the hay after crashing a biplane into a barn in the intro. Ôo8i8
      There's just something about the way he hits the hay and says "Hey Hey" around the same time that makes the stunt seem so personal. Particularly when he 'Hey hay's' himself as he lifts his leg up and spreads his leg open to the hay that makes it seem so sexualized.

    • Lol wtf

    • Me too. I love it so much

    • Anyone out there familiar with a show called The Fall Guy? If so then you know that in the intro the character Jody walking through a pair of saloon doors wearing a blue bikini was not only arousing but suggestive. Then you would also know the scene when the biplane crashes into the side of the barn followed with the scene when Colt hits the hay, the way he moved his legs and positioned his body on the hay was also suggestive to taking advantage to what would otherwise been an embarrassing situation and turned it into a fetish gratifying situation. At the end of the intro he lays naked in an outdoor tub.
      Frankly, the stunt woman Jody by rights should've been the one hitting the hay and instead of the boards falling down it should've been vinegar stored in the hayloft that got damaged and drained over her body saturating her with pickle pungent tantalizing goodness. That should've been worth a "Hey Hey" for.

    • Vinegar is so erotic sensually. From the aroma and taste to the stinging sensation it produces. When applied onto a swimsuit while being worn, it also has a sleek wetness that adds to the appeal and gratification.

    • Any females want to chat???

    • I want a girl who will play with salt and vinger with me only if u live Somerset Taunton I’m 17 and I want fun no me. Just girls

    • There are no females on here

    • Uhh, HELLO! 🙄

    • Are you a real actual female? 🤔
      Or is it just Jamie pretending again? 🤦‍♂️

    • I haven’t been pretending 😂 it’s all guys on here lmao

    • ???

    • Check this Japanese vinegar fetish porn video "お酢浴びオナニー 亜優ちゃん"

      It's a girl called Ayu who really likes the smell of vinegar. She opens a bottle of vinegar and starts spilling it all over the body. Every time she smells the vinegar you can really see that the sour vinegar smell is giving her immense sexual pleasure. After she is soaked with vinegar, she starts masturbating with another bottle of vinegar by rubbing it on her pussy. After her intense vinegar orgasm, she opens the second bottle of vinegar and is pouring it all over herself. The video costs 1000 Yen which is about $9 US. You can pay with credit card.

      It's a shame there is so much Japanese vinegar porn but nothing from English speaking porn stars.

    • Give it time either they'll get around to it or someone will eventually bring it to their attention.

    • Damn, just looking at the previews nearly made me cum. I wonder if that girl does indeed have a vinegar fetish or if it's just good acting?

    • J'ai toujours aimé l'odeur du vinaigre. C'est un vrai fétiche. J'aime sentir la bouteille de vinaigre en me caressant. J'aime aussi nettoyer avec du vinaigre et apprécier l'odeur. Cela m'excite et l'odeur du vinaigre me donne une forte envie de me masturber. J'aime aussi acheter des produits de nettoyage avec du vinaigre pour en inhaler l'odeur tout en nettoyant et en me masturbant. En France, il existe de nombreux produits de nettoyage au vinaigre. Le vinaigre en gel, le liquide vaisselle au vinaigre (mon préféré actuellement est "Mir Secrets de Vinaigre Framboise") et bien d'autres encore. Il existe également de nombreux produits pour le corps à base de vinaigre comme le shampooing (j'adore "Le Petit Marseillais Brillance & Volume vinaigre aux 3 fleurs"). Les Français semblent aimer beaucoup le vinaigre. Est-ce que beaucoup de personnes ici ont un fétichisme du vinaigre ? Je ne sais pas. Mais j'en ai définitivement un. Je suis une femme et je suis fétichiste du vinaigre !

    • Je suis aussi un fétichiste du vinaigre. J'adorerais discuter avec vous :-)
      Mon adresse e-mail est...

    • Ahh! Tue sant femme vinaigre, Oui?
      How do you enjoy it? You wear a swimsuit, in you lingerie, shape wear lingerie or naked?

      Personally I love the feel of a swimsuit and or corselette and the wetness of vinegar I get while wearing them. Tres erotique. 🥰

    • Someone come wank my cock with salt vinger crips packet give me ur Facebook and I’ll add u I’m a teen and I need a girl who is down for fun like this I wanna get so vingery with my cock and u suck it all of me plz texted really horny or boy

    • How old are you exactly?
      And what Salt & Vinegar Crisps do you prefer/use?

    • I’m 17 and I use walkers or malt vinger ones if ur a girl plz text and let get naughty

    • I'm male (unfortunately)
      If you still want to chat, my email address is

    • Sure I like men to how old are u and where u from

    • I'm 33, and I'm from Congleton in Cheshire.

    • Ok I’m from Somerset Taunton would u meet me and get down like I’d do anything for u have u got snap WhatsApp or something easy to get u on cause email don’t work

    • @Somerset Fella
      Send us a link to your Facebook Profile.
      We can chat privately via Messenger.

    • Email me

    • Any girls round in I’m Somerset Taunton wanna get down with vinger and that I wank me off let me know

    • Weiter unten habe ich jemanden aus Deutschland gesehen. Gibt es hier noch mehr deutschsprachige Leute mit einem Essig Fetisch? Der Geruch von Essig macht mich geil. Ich liebe den Geruch von Essig!

    • Ich bin der von weiter unten. Super dass sich hier noch jemand mit einem Essig Fetisch meldet. Bist du männlich oder weiblich? Kommst du aus Deutschland oder Österreich / Schweiz?

    • Mann, komme auch aus Deutschland.

    • Wie lebst du deinen Essig Fetisch aus?

    • Ich habe das Glück, dass meine Freundin davon weiß und meine Vorliebe für sich ausnützt. Sie hat zwar keinen Essig Fetisch, akzeptiert ihn aber und es macht sie an, wenn sie merkt wie ich vom Essig Geruch geil werde. Sie putzt seitdem gerne mit Essig und stellt sicher, dass ihre Hände dann schön danach riechen und drückt sie mir dann beim Sex ins Gesicht.

    • I love the coldness and tingling on my cock especially when wanking into a condom filled with it

    • Same. I recently bought an automatic masturbator with vibration and suction (vacuum pump). That thing closes air tight around the shaft which means no liquid can get out. I love putting my cock inside, then fill it with a bit of vinegar, attach the pump head and turn it on. The suction, vibration and the feel of the vinegar combined is pure bliss.

    • I've had a vinegar fetish since I was at school so about 15 years, but recently started playing with Heinz salad cream.
      The smell and taste drives me crazy especially when mixed with sarsons malt vinegar, just need a girl to enjoy this fetish with!!

    • Heinz not only produces one of if not the BEST Distilled White Vinegars in the world (in my opinion), but they also produce REAL Mayonnaise.
      It has that soft, smooth decadently seductive creamy but tart tangy taste that makes it so sexy.
      REAL Mayonnaise should have a distinct tanginess and if it doesn't it's just not REAL MAYONNAISE.

    • I agree, tart tangy mayonnaise is very sexy. If only there is a mayonnaise that has an arousing aroma of vinegar. 🥰

    • Sounds really amazing. Tell me more?

    • I love the coldness and tingling on my cock especially when wanking into a condom filled with salad cream

    • That's sounds gorgeous. You got an email for a chat?

    • I love it to salt vinger and that I just want someone to like it and wank me off

    • Yeah

    • Your email is not working?

    • Anyone want to talk vinegar?

    • Yeah I do

    • What’s your email?


    • It strikes me that most of the people I encountered with this fetish are men and in most cases they are from the UK! Surely there are many women who would like this, you have to start finding them!

    • From what I’ve seen I don’t think there is any women with this fetish, and if there is it’s probably quite rare

    • I doubt that. Quite a lot of women are kind of obsessed with using vinegar for all kind of stuff. It wouldn't surprise me if a decent part of them gets sexual pleasure out of it but are too embarrassed to talk about it.

    • I’m sure If there were women who got sexual pleasure from it we would have found out by now lol, it’s only males who appear to be interested in this and I’ve not seen any evidence otherwise

    • I am one of those Women and I don't talk about it with just anyone

    • I want to pour vinegar on your feet and sniff and lick your soles and toes for ages mmm

    • Can I marry you please! X

    • Would be awesome if you could share your story since you remain completely anonymous in here. How did you discover your vinegar fetish? How do you live it?

    • What is your favourite kind of vinegar?

    • Heinz Distilled White Vinegar is my favorite but I have also enjoyed the grainy pungency of Nakano's Rice Vinegar in glass bottle. One of the most appealing traits about Heinz White & Apple Cider Vinegars are the ribbed/flitted panel bottles we have today for the 16oz. & 32oz. glass bottles.

    • Where are you from?

    • Really? Wanna chat vinegar?

    • How? 😂

    • Are there any women on here with this fetish?

    • Yes. Me

    • Want to exchange emails and chat about how vinegar smell drives us wild?

    • Hey hun please tell me more x

    • Can't believe you have the same vinegar smell fetish!

    • Hope you share some more info :)

    • Good girl

    • Don’t think so, fetishes aren’t as common among women

    • You would be surprised. For something as sensual as vinegar, how could there NOT be?

    • Not true. They just aren't as open about it on the Internet as men tend to be.

    • It is. As much as I’d love for women to have this fetish I just don’t believe there’s any evidence to support that they do

    • Well good luck finding girls with this fetish 😂

    • Does nobody remember the vinegarfetishblog? It still exists on the Wayback Machine:

    • Wooooow, and it's not working? It would be nice if we could write in a blog like that, right?

    • Yep and I believe was run by a woman

    • I’m sceptical that it’s a woman tbh 😂

    • I think she actually called herself “vinegar girl”

    • Perception test, let's see if there are any commonalities with this fetish:

      Most vinegariest nation?
      Most vinegariest race?
      Most vinegariest famous person if you jerk off?

    • 1. Italian and Arab women all look like they smell like vinegar
      2. Same as above

      3. Angelina Jolie is definitely the vinegariest celebrity her feet smell like malt vinegar

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