Vinegar fetish

The smell of vinegar always turns me on, anyone else?

8.7 years ago

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    • Question ❓ Do you get your Rocks with vinegar before or after you Douche

    • Karen the fat-shaming corpse mother fucker on NaughtyPosts is up to 500 lbs. from the daily ingestion of sperm by the gallons from the truck stop he frequents.

    • I want to suck vinegar from cock

    • Yes please yum

    • Anyone like to wank with vinegar?

    • Yea me love it wanna talk? Leave email

    • Sure -

    • Any gay vinegar boys out there?

    • Yes I'm here. Leave an email n I'll be in touch x

    • x

    • Hello vinegar lovers. Where are you?

    • Hi there, I'm fine, hope you are as well? :)

    • Glad to hear that. Get in touch. Email? X

    • Anyone wanna talk vinegar? <3

    • Yes I do

    • What’s your email address?

    • It is


    • I replied to your email

    • Love vinegar!

    • Anyone up for kinky vinegar chat?

    • X.tal_mcgrath.x on insta and snap

    • U on snap or anything??

    • Yessss

    • Spirit Vinegar is the best for having fun

    • Distilled White Vinegar here in the States. My preferred brand for this type of vinegar would be HEINZ.

    • Malt vinegar for me

    • Oh yeah!

    • Any vinegar lovers still on here?


    • I love massaging white vinegar all over my body before wanking. It’s the best

    • Horny for vinegar. Wanna suck a vinegar dick. Turned on as fuck

    • Ufffff! I like

    • A 69 with vinegar and 2 throbbing dicks yum

    • Yeeees, this is fire

    • I'd love to meet and suck vinegar from you

    • I think we should make a telgram group regarding this fetish

    • Do it!

    • I would love to, but I think we are very far, right?

    • Very far?

    • Where are you from

    • I’m from the uk

    • Me too from the uk

    • Set one up then! It’d be better than talking on here

    • Fancy a threesome?
      I'm in the UK too

    • How can I contact you?

    • Whats your email address?


    • Contact me on

    • I would, but with a lot of vinegar

    • Fuck me I'm turned on looking at these sexy vinegar stories. Wish I had someone to share this with vinegar sex

    • I love being massaged with vinegar all over my body

    • I did the codon thing, I like it, but I prefer to have the vinegar spread all over my body, and also on top of my latex clothes

    • Yes amazing, I also do the same! Inside the latex briefs I put oil to make it slip and I fill it with vinegar, then I start to rub it

    • I also really like using latex and vinyl and putting a lot of white vinegar on it, it's a unique sensation.

    • I have a latex catsuit that I pour white vinegar all over, nothing gets me turned on more.

    • I've got a condom on filled with Vinegar as we speak

    • I love to wear pvc and vinyl clothing and splash white vinegar all over myself especially my think shiny cock I cum so hard every time.

    • I like to do the same whilst wearing leather and latex!

    • Hmmm nice

    • Any videos going ?

    • I'd love to watch vinegar sex fetish videos

    • Maybe try suggesting to They have some great fetish video and might be able to get some vinegary porn ready for us.

    • Any guys out there who would or does wear a girl’s or woman’s one piece swimsuit, saturate yourself with your favorite vinegar and masturbate? Keep in mind, once you’ve worn it for this purpose, that swimsuit becomes your vinegar-suit/ masturbation-suit.

    • I often wear girls thongs soaked in vinegar mainly during the night then wake up as horny as fuck when I smell it and shoot a huge load, then get dressed and go to work

    • I use lingerie and white vinegar.

    • Those silky smooth nylon panties saturated with vinegar is very erotic. 🥰🥰

    • Sounds brilliant I'd love to try this

    • Hey, Rago’s Lacette Open Bottom Bodysuit is a perfect bodysuit to get vinegary wanked in. No crotch panels with metal hook-n-eye pieces that would get rusted out in short order to worry about.

    • Yea, I’ve seen one of those bodysuits before JC Penny’s closed a few years ago. I’d wear it in a heart beat. Ohh the sex appeal and vinegary goodness of wearing one of those wet with distilled white vinegar. 🤤Ahhhh!

    • The idea of a female swimsuit for vinegar and/or masturbation sounds like a ‘vine-great’ idea. (Notice the pun? 😅) Thanks!

    • Any women on here?

    • And that way everyone guys/gals with a vinegar fetish can chat, share pics/vids & etc., etc.

    • Yes!!!

    • Have you any contact details? Love to chat etc

    • Hey, and to save you the I sent humiliation, make up a nickname for yourself as a moderator so if you are afraid of being identified and humiliated no one would know who’s in charge of the group.

    • Wow there cowboy. Why not set up a vinegar fetish group , keep it closed but open to only members and encourage women with the same interest to join in. Facebook being world wide surely you’ll hook a few vinegary fillies.

    • I'm in


    • And me!

    • Satin pillows and vinegar anyone. Anyone love the smell of vinegar on there satin pillows. Mmmm so sexy

    • Mmmmm humping My satin pillow now and kissing my other satin pillow smelling the vinegar mmmmm I'm gonna cum

    • I'd love to watch you doing this or join in with you

    • Mmmm you have a satin pillow tooo and yes please I'd love for you to watch. Let's hump and kiss our satin pillows and smell the vinegar on our satin pillows. Are you a lover for satin pillows and the smell of vinegar on them. Mmmmm I want my satin pillow right now

    • Have you an email for a chat about pillows and vinegar?

    • No email but you can text me. Wanna text about satin pillows and vinegar

    • Leave your details and let's chat vinegar

    • Why not chat about the satin pillows and vinegar

    • Yes please let's talk

    • Make sure when we chat you have your lovely and beautiful satin pillow out ready to hump. I will have mine out too. Mommy don't you love satin

    • Mm* I meant

    • Leave details please. Fuck our vinegar pillows together ❤️

    • Okay

    • Do you want my phone number.

    • Yes I'd like that

    • Just whatsapp Me

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