How many guys haven’t figured it out yet?

Think back over your past relationships/ affairs and try to remember how they all started.

I’ll bet you’ll see that almost all of them began because of something the woman said or did....

It’s the women in the world that do most of the sex hunting not the men..they have a born in need to feel wanted and desired and if they feel as if their not getting their share at home they’ll go out and fix it.

Come on guys, you know how fast a woman to get you going or visa versa, shut it down.

Pussy controls the most cases

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  • Yeah it's true. My older brother and his wife had a foreign girl stay with them for a month. She was from Estonia and very hot. This is going back 10 years so I was single at the time. They invited me over to introduce me to her and they figured I could show her the popular night spots our town had to offer. Took her out that weekend with my friends and we immediately hit it off. It didn't take long and we were making out that night in the club. Later on i said I'd get her a taxi and make sure she got back ok but she was more interested in going back to my place. So we did. An hour at my place and we were making out again. She started rubbing my rock hard cock thru my trousers and then unzipped me and pulled it out. She then sucked me off perfectly. We then both got naked and I fucked her on the sofa. For the next 3 weeks she just wanted to go out drinking and go back to mine so I could fuck her brains out,which was ok with me. Sometimes she used to be on the phone talking to someone in her language and after she'd say it was her friend or mum. At some point while she was asleep in my bed I got a little nosey and looked thru her bag. I went in her purse and saw pictures of a guy who definitely looked like a boyfriend. The last few days before she left i asked her about it and she said yes she has a boyfriend but wanted to have fun while over her. I felt kinda bad and was guilt tripping her but she put on the fake sad puppy dog eyes and started sucking my cock. Needless to say I banged her right up to the last night she was here. But was just another hot pretty girl using a guy for sex.

  • All of the married women I have slept with started the affair. They know what buttons to push to get you going.

  • Dumbest post ever

  • You have to have been approached by a woman at some point in your live to understand it, maybe when your older?

  • Hahahaha

  • Keep moving...

  • I have an idea!

    You all know how long our confessions, stories and questions take to be posted?

    How about if we make a title and use the comment section of the program?

    Comments can be seen immediately, where as a post can take up to 4 days!

    This way it would be closer to a chat/ blog.

    Any takers?

  • This woman that works at the same company as I do came up one day in the lunch area and asked if she could sit at the table. She is really gorgeous but I am just not into brunettes and so after a few days of this she writes down her address and phone number on a piece of paper and tells me to pick her up for dinner tonight. I was not joking around with her and told her that I would not be going out to dinner, she smirked and told me Oh, you will be there and walked away.
    Monday morning she messages me on IM and asks me why I did not show for our date, I told her that I was not interested in dating her and she responded back with another date request then asked me why I would not go out with her. I told her she was definitely a beautiful person but just not my type and I guess I was the first guy to ever turn her down because she was relentless and finally told me a few days later that I was indeed the first guy that has ever turned her down. I told her in one of the last messages we had that if I was constantly asking her out like she has been doing with me I would probably get fired for harrassment. She fricken messaged me back and said "So you like me harrasing you" and put a smiley face on the end of it. CRAZY woman.

  • Women are not the chasers. They are the gatekeepers

  • My wife has fucked every man she ever wanted, sometimes 2 at a time.

  • Yeah could be true. Especially a hot girl,she can get what she wants easily. Like a friend of mine married the hottest cutest little blonde ever. So petite and innocent looking. I always had the hots for her. My friend was into body building so I used to think he must destroy her in bed every time but no,their marriage ended. I bumped into her and she said he was into steroids and they seriously affected him in several ways. Even the bedroom. Anyway after several weeks of messaging her I let her know that I always fancied her and she asked me out. After just 2 dates we ended up in bed. And holy shit she's not like what I thought,a submissive cute little blonde? She was right in there,controlling the situation. We made out and she got my cock out to give me a hand job. Then sucked it like a pro. Soon as we were naked she was on top riding me to get us both off. I must've passed her test because we made it official and we're still together after 4 years.

  • That’s what fucking a girl right will do for you, she’s not letting go!

  • Yep I always knew she was a keeper.

  • I wish you all the best with your new love...
    thanks for commenting.

  • Thanks.

  • My wife met a guy while out getting coffee. I learned from my wife while we were separated that few weeks after they met they started fucking. My wife has a mean streak and told me since we’ve been separated she has had sex with 5 guys. We’ve been separated for 3 months. When I asked why she started fucking the first guy she told me “because he’s so handsome and engaging. Oh and when he sent me a pic of his cock I had to have it. It Isn’t huge but the head is like a giant mushroom. I wanted to see how good it felt and he didn’t disappoint.” When I asked why he sent a dick pic she said “oh I asked him to send it.”

    Yeah women control everything.

  • The hard part is finding out, just how sexually forward our women can be with others.
    When something goes wrong in man and a woman’s relationship, there’s a good chance she’s fucking away her bad feelings with someone else!

  • Flirting with a woman doesn’t constitute sex, although you succeeded it was the woman that ultimately controlled the game from the flirting point on..I’m sure you used all of your best charm to get what you wanted however we both know it could have been shut down immediately.

  • I do agree that women control the game, but men can manipulate the rules. I never would have had sex with my married coworker had I not flirted my ass of with her and came onto her. I just had to convince her to step outside her marriage and have sex with me. Manipulation of the rules.

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