My Overpowering Sexual Desire

I have miniaturized myself to the size of my thumb. My Sweetie has stretched into her pink fleece footed pajamas, which have snaps on the front. After she falls asleep, I wiggle between the snaps on her footed pajamas, and downward, until I am positioned just above her pink wetness, and suddenly, perhaps dreaming of pleasure, she opens her pink fleecy legs, which Are An Invitation For Me To Enter! I Carefully, And slowly Crawl Inside, And Her Wet, Sticky Pinkness senses my touch, closes over me, and begins to tighten and thicken! I Respond, Gurgling With Emotion, Stretching, And Resisting Her Suction, And My Movements within her wet sticky pinkness, cause her to, still in sleep, stretch upward, and Back down again, over and over! She begins to awaken, now And She, Being Overpoweringly Overwhelmed With Sexual Excitement, sleepily grasps at the area between her legs, but everything exciting her is within the fleecy pinkness, and unreachable! Now, she is fully awake, and begins to Moan In Ecstasy, the Heavenly Pink Fleecy Softness of her footed pajamas covering her stretching with her every movement, and seeming to Invite even More Pleasure For Her! Her Bed Now vibrates With Her Excited Movements, for Her Movements are Strong, and a result Of Physical Emotions, Now Flooding Her And She Responds, Stretching upward And Downward, in rhythm with her suction around me, which tightens and loosens with each of each stretchy movement! Suddenly, Now Fully Awake, She Screams With Emotion, And Attempts To Birth Me, But Her Pink Fleecy Stretchy Footed Pajamas, Hold Me In Position! Finally, She dozes back off, Sexually Satisfied, And Completely Happy, Just As If she Had given birth! THIS EXCITES ME WILDLY! PLEASE LET IT BE SO!

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  • Did you know that fleecy afterbirth smells exactly like fermented anchovies ?

  • No I Didn’t. The Birthing Instinct, inside a woman who has swallowed a man, and has him encased within her footed pajamas, having complete power over him, is so strong, and can psychologically drive her wild with sexual, and emotional excitement! I would love to see my sweeties nipples pressing hard against her baby pink fleece footed pajamas, and watch her stretch, and hear her moan with emotion, as nature takes its course, and be actually able to see my movements inside her heavenly soft pink fleeciness! I Would Be A Good Baby For Her, Completely Cooperating With Anything She Wants, For I Believe That My Intuition Knows Her Every Desire!

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