My Heavenly Soft Pink Fleece Adult Diapers And Footed Pajamas

My Heavenly Soft Adult Pink Fleece Diapers And Footed Pajamas, are sucking on me, as I struggle within My Mommy, who is stretched into Heavenly Soft baby pink fleece footed pajamas, and the more that I struggle, the more she suckles tight, all over me, Birthing Me, inside her stretchy pink fleece footed pajamas!

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  • YES; “Birthing inside my sweetie, while she’s stretched into Heavenly Soft Pink Fleece Footed Pajamas, Is Indescribable here! I’m A Good Baby, And Promise To Keep My Sweetie Mommy just on the edge of total emotional release, as long as she wants! Any movement she renders through squirming upward, within her footed pajamas, while her breast nipples harden, and press against her stretchy fleecy pinkness, are signs that she loves this birthing, and intends to remain pregnant with me, keeping me forever helpless within her wet, pink stickiness! Motherhood Is Ecstasy for Mother’s Who Desire Permanent Pregnancy, AND MINE DOES!

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