Comments about stretchy pink fleece being a sexual turn on

I Would Love To read confessions about Adult pink fleece diapers and footed pajamas being stretched over a struggling man, by his Sweetie, as a sexual turn on! Just the thought of my mouth being full of breast milk, My Sweetie keeping me helplessly pajamaed, and tight against her within all that heavenly pink fleecy softness drives me wild sexually, and I Can’t Be The Only One In This World, Who Has Such A Desire! To Be Her Unborn Baby, Forever Keeping Her Pregnant, Would Be Out Of This World! Every Nights Sleep, could Be Heavenly, If Such A Dream Of The Above, Were To Be Repeated Nightly! OH THE POSSIBILITIES!

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  • God Bless You All, For Being So Compassionate! Have A Blessed Day!: Babied.

  • Babied, sorry but you seem quite alone in your desires. It may be possible that you could PAY someone to indulge you, but, I hope you have deep pockets.

  • Yes, you are probably the only guy on the planet with a pink footed fleece pajama fetish...and I don't think anyone else wants to read about it. That said, I recognize your right to to fantasize about anything you choose, and respect your right to talk or write about it.

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