He's so cute

There is absolutely no doubt now, I'm bisexual and love it.
He's nineteen slim, loves being dressed up in female clothing and make up. And is so damn cute, especially that ass, I just cannot resist his pleas for sex.
Over the past few months I've fucked him countless times in my truck, in his parents home and now I even risk fucking him in my marital bed.
He sucks cock like no woman I've ever had sex with, and he literally cannot get enough of my cock plowing his ass.
In one afternoon last week, I fucked him four times, making him cry out as he shook violently from dry cumming.
It's so easy too, as our homes back onto each others and we can easily arrange a quick cock suck, or fuck.
My wife is frigid and never wants sex anymore, so it's been a wonderment to discover I adore his young ass. What's more is I've learned I have a sexual fetish with him.
His ass is so cute, that after fucking it and emptying my balls deep up his fuck hole, I absolutely adore licking and sucking that puckered rose bud clean.
Rimming him has become my passion, and we now often have lengthy sessions of me devouring his sweet ass, before I fuck us both to orgasm.
I just wish I'd have discovered my love of boys ass much much earlier in my life.

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  • Until recently I've only been with other boys who are around my age. Now I have a few men friends who say that my ass is so good that they want to eat it. It was pretty scary at first have a man doing oral stuff to my butt.

  • I also love a nice ass. I could spend hours down there eating ass. I love sticking my tongue in and out of that ass hole. I love to suck it up and make out with it. I love to spread the cheeks open. I’m so excited right now thinking about it.

  • I would love to find someone that dresses up in women clothes with a nice ass.

  • In reality you're a deluded punk bitch. The same one who writes most of these posts that have ALL gay and or bisexual people cross-dressing. You need to get out more, get out of your parent's basement while jerking off in little girl's panties that you've shoplifted.

  • I am a retired man, a widower and I have a student lodger, Graeme. He originally applied for a handy-man/gardener's job I advertised. Graeme was sixteen then and he has just had his seventeenth birthday. Graeme is beautiful, I fell in love the first time I saw him.
    I discovered Graeme was a sissy gay boy during his first visit after school one day. We were sitting on the settee chatting about the job and I could see the top of a pair of knickers showing above the waistband if his jeans. He admitted that he was gay and asked if I minded. I said I didn't and leaned towards him and kissed him, it was an impulse, I was so sexually aroused, having only masturbated since my wife died seven or more years ago.
    We went to bed together that afternoon and seeing Graeme in girls panties and bra really excited me and his bottom, his lovely pert bottom in nylon panties, gorgeous. We made love like rabbits
    We got permission from Graeme's mother recently for him to lodge at my house, she is a single mother and I think she was rather relieved that Graeme would have a grandfather figure to guide him.
    Over Christmas he moved in, he has a wardrobe full of girly clothes some of which he wears at home after school. He is a very naughty girly boy and I love him.

  • You're the OP writing a reply to himself. What a sad world of delusion you inhabit !

  • That comment is far from the truth as I just wish to share the joy I have in my life now I have somebody to share it with.

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