Question About Videoed Birth(Female In Her Pink Footed Pajamas)

In My Opinion: I have always secretly wondered, how big a woman’s pink fleece footed pajamas would have to be, and how big she would have to be, in order to permit her to swallow, and engulf a man who was six feet four inches tall, weighing about 212 pounds, and then her make him her helpless baby, as he tried to resist her, his struggling being futile, and impossible! If this adult baby loved her correctly, during the attempted birthing, would This Cause Her To Struggle, Moan, Stretch, And Kick In Sexual Ecstasy, Trying To Give Birth, And If It Were Done Correctly, Would These Actions Result In Her Wanting To Remain Pregnant With Him: FOREVER? What if her pregnancy and his birth struggles were videoed? Would It Excite Her To View The Video Herself? Could There Be Something Sexually Overpowering about watching a pink adult diapered man baby, in pink fleece footed pajamas try to be born, When The Sweet Fleecy Pinkness Around Him Suckled Tighter And Tighter, Delaying His Birth For Visual Pleasure?

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  • While, on one hand, I hope this strange fantasy happens for you, on the other, please understand this : If you were standing beside a woman as she was giving birth to a normal-sized, REAL baby, and you asked if she was feeling sexual excitement, she would most likely snatch your lower lip over your head.
    You would look like a large, uncut, human penis, albeit a pink, fleecy one. There's nothing pleasurable or sexually exciting about the birth process.

  • Your obsession with pink footed fleece PJ's is getting kind of old, dude. If you must post, how's about comming up with something that might be a little more interesting for the readers here?

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