Can Heavenly Soft Pink Fleece Seduce A Man

Can a homemade heavenly soft, airtight pink fleece bag cause sexual arousal, if it’s constitutes an inner liner, with a body length plastic bag stretched over it, and is sealed shut, where the exit end of the c Pap hose exits the bag, and someone wearing an adult pink fleece diaper and pink fleece footed pajamas crawls inside, and using the c Pap hose, seals it shut, where it exits the open end of the bag, then capping the end of the hose shut where it meets the sexually excited persons mouth, the sexually excited person Then inhales over and over, which tightens and tightens the Inner, heavenly soft pink fleecy bag, until this inner bag tightness prevents any movement, then inhales, through the hose which enters their mouth? They would Now, have the best of two sexually overpowering mechanisms, and the more they squirmed, and struggled, the faster they would breathe, As the inner Heavenly soft, pink fleecy softness Responded, by contracting, and squeezing them, With sucking pleasure, until they involuntarily and spasmodically ejected their sexually produced liquids, as they scream with erotic emotion, wetting and wetting their pink fleece diaper, and then they would fall asleep within the heavenly pink fleecy softness! OH, I CANT WAIT! P/S: A Big Breasted Assistant, Wearing Pink Fleece Footed Pajamas, Could Video, And Make Sure The Entire Procedure Progressed Successfully! Babied. Also, Would Love To Watch The Video, Later!

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