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I would love to slip into an adult, pink fleece diaper, and 2 pair of pink fleece footed pajamas, and then Be Inserted Within A Female, Wearing Pink Fleece Footed Pajamas, And have another pink Fleece footed pajama Mama, make a video of me, As I Slowly Fade Away, my pink shape, Undulating, back and forth from a pink dark shape, to the same beautiful pink fleecy color, as the surrounding pinkness, Digests Me, as I try to resist, try to get air, try to silently scream, inside the heavenly soft, pink fleece vagina, of the second big breasted female, wearing her own pink fleece footed pajamas, As She Videos My Shape, fading, darkening, fading, and darkening, over and over, my shape slowly becoming the same color pink, as the surrounding heavenly soft pink fleecy softness! My mouth would open and close, Screaming In Ecstacy, Screaming For More, As My Digestion Fantasy Comes True! I Scream For More And More Of This Heavenly Pleasure, And Finally Disappear In Total Pink Fleecy Heavenly Softness, Completely Digested And Absorbed, Becoming More Pink Fleece! The female videographer, now overcome with Emotional Ecstacy, from videoing me, Trembles, And Suddenly Screams With Sexual Pleasure, As She Begins To Squirm With Desire, Inside Her Own Footed Pajamas! She Is Now, Seduced, And Drained Of All Her Liquids, From Her Emotional High, Produced From Videoing Me! (IN MY OPINION, DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT TO DUPLICATE THE ABOVE, FOR SAFETY REASONS)! ENJOY: BABIED.

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  • In My Opinion, If one sews pink fleece into a homemade body length pink fleece bag, and then places the pink fleece bag inside a body length dry cleaning bag, and seals the end shut, their inhalation of air will cause the entire pink fleecy mass of heavenly softness, to contract tightly over every inch of the sexually excited person, especially if they are dressed in an adult pink fleece diaper, and footed pajamas! No matter how much the pink fleecy Covered person struggles, it makes no difference, because the heavenly pink fleecy softness now suckles them tighter and tighter! They Can squirm, their hands can Open and close, trying to scratch their way out of the heavenly soft pink fleeciness, and their mouth will then open, and close in A SILENT SCREAM FOR MORE AIR, but, it makes no difference, because no amount of scratching can tear open, the heavenly soft, air tight fleecy pinkness! The only thing left to do, Is To Relax, And Breathe Normally, Enjoying The Remaining Time That They Remain Conscious! The Last Thing They See, Is Heavenly Soft Fleecy Pinkness, Stretching To Infinity, And The Last Thing They Feel, Is That Same Heavenly Soft Fleecy Pinkness Squeezing Them, Until They Drift Away Forever, In Dreamy Unconscious Sleep! FOR SAFETY REASONS, DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT TO DUPLICATE WHAT IS READ HERE, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! Enjoy; Babied(Internet User Name).

  • OH Boy; I’ve Got To Experience This Heavenly Desire!

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