Male strippers

I went out on a girls night a few months back and we ended up going to a male strip club. I ended up having sex with one of them in their change room. I’ve seen him several times since then and I’m married. I can’t seem to stop as the sex is incredible and he’s very charming and attractive. He’s a very confident and dominant kind of guy which I find a huge turn on. My husband is a metro-sexual kind of guy who doesn’t know the first thing about how to please a woman.
The only problem this guy keeps asking me to take him shopping and I keep spending money on him. My husband hasn’t found out yet but I was shocked to see that after adding everything up since I met him Ive spent approx 20,000 dollars. I’m well off but by no means rich. I’m terrified my husband will find out but I can’t seem to stop seeing this guy. He gives me sexual attention and has an amazing body and is incredible looking. He can be mean at times but makes it up to me in the bedroom. Lately he’s started getting me to do sexual things in semi-public places like a parking lot. He says he likes it when I blow him in public places so I do. It’s really exciting but is scary at the same time as I’m afraid we’ll get caught.
The scariest thing is when he accuses me of not being submissive enough and threatens to leave me. I told him I’ll do anything for him but I’m scared to lose my husband. So confusing.


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  • You are confused ? You are being used by some slob and you probably let hubby clean you out. I feel sorry for your husband , not you , you fool.

  • Retard!!

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