I want the be spanked by an old guy

I am 24 and sometimes when I’m in bed I start fingering myself and fantasizing about an old man walking in on me and I’m naked with h my legs spread wide open and he tells me I am naughty and need to be spanked so he sits down and instructs me to bend over his knee so I do and as I’m laying there he first rubs my bottom and I find I start feeling my pussy twitch and I start grinding on his thighs and my bottom is quivering with anticipation of being smacked and as he rubs my bottom his other hand comes down in front of me to start rubbing my tits so I grind on him some more and then he smacks my bare bottom hard 2 times and I am so wet so I lift my bottom up and he smacks it again and I feel much cheeks wobble with each smack so he spanks me harder telling me I am a bad bad girl and he is going to teach me a lesson at this point my pussy is on fire along with my ass so I spread my legs a bit and he stops and says is my naughty girl trying to show me how wet she is? I respond with a yes sir and then I feel his finger circling my pussy and he tells me oh you are such a naughty little girl and he smacks m hard then starts fingering my pussy as I lift my ass up and grind against his fingers then I start begging to be spanked hard and he does alternating fingering and spanking me then he starts fingering my ass too and I reach down and start fingering my pussy at the same time and then I explode and he spanks me hard while I’m cumming...... ok ther is more but I am so wet right now I need to rip my clothes off and go finger myself!!

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  • I would love to spank my wife, she isn't into it? I have tried everything to get her to admit to me that she needs a good old fashioned spanking and for her to lift the hem of her skirt and expose her naked bottom so I can spank it, but alas not to be

  • My girlfriend likes to be spanked but it really doesn’t do anything for me.

  • If it not do anything for you send her to me it will do lots for me .I live in school st llanbradach south Wales UK.

  • You should make it happen! I am 19 and I let my 65 year old neighbor spank me on a regular basis. I wear cute short little skirts so he can bend me over and pull my panties down and spank me. One time he invited his friend ( with my permission of course) and the took turns spanking me! I love being a naughty girl and getting my bare bottom spanked!

  • That sounds great it sounds like you enjoyed it . your story is often carried out in my house in school st llanbradach south Wales UK.

  • Do you have secret fantasies about seducing your Dad? You wouldn't be all dressed up as a school girl wearing a silky white blouse that shows the outline of your bra, a short plad skirt, and a pair of white satin brief panties, would you? Find an old guy to become your "father figure", and then let him punish tou for being the naughty girl that you are. Have fun.

  • I can be that father figure I already am to lots of young ladies .I live in school st llanbradach south Wales UK you welcome otk

  • What country are you in I would love to spank you and finger you

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