Serious questions I am 90 percent sure my wife and ex best friend were fucking behind my back some 20 years ago she denies it. I just got back in touch with him I no he will tell me the truth if I ask if he says yes I will leave her. Do I ask or just leave alone after 20 years I been with her for 35.

Aug 7
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    • 20 years ago, let it be! Fuck let him fuck her again, may spice things up for yall!

    • He pretty much crippled I prayed if he did something bad to happen to him sure enough he all fycked up

    • If you're willing to give up at least half your shit...
      However, there is a lot to be said about trusting the woman you're with. Mine cheated around year 7. In year 25 now and I sometimes still question the decision not to toss her out.

    • Yeah I feel you just sometimes I lay there in bed and wonder. I have had my share of cheating almost certain she has cheated at least another two times with two other people. But this supposed to be my best friend at the time crosses the line.

    • Every time she cheats with other people should be crossing the line. Him fucking her crosses the line *for him*. If you ask and he says yes, you should ghost him. If you suspected 20 years ago, why didn't you leave then? What's different now? Just the confirmation?

    • I was caught up with work and shit. I never caught her but suspected it a couple times. I had my share about 100 or so. Fuck it I will put it to rest.

    • Don't ask if you can't handle the truth.

    • Don’t ask - who cares after that long really?

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