Bride & Bridesmaid's

I ran my own Wedding Photography Business for 25 years and was always very busy throughout the summer months.
I would start with photos at the brides home which meant photos in her bedroom, coming downstairs. Group shots of the bridesmaid's mum, dad. Leaving the house etc.
Many times the bridesmaid's would get changed into their bridesmaid's dresses and drop their panties and bras on the floor of the brides bedroom. Many times I needed to pick them up and they were still warm. Quite often I would attempt to throw them to one side of the bed, where my open camera hard case was so sometimes a pair or 2 of the pealed of panties would land on the inside of my case. I'd finish the photos in the bedroom shut my case and go down to the lounge or garden and wait for the bride. Then more photos, cars arrive and all pile out to get to the church.
My case could have maybe a couple of panties and sometimes a bra in it. So not to get caught with them I took them out my case and into a carrier bag in the boot of me car.
I carry on with the wedding and get everything I needed to get and all the things the bride and groom wanted. I sit and have a soft drink to just go over the day and all the photos I'd taken. I would quietly leave and put the case in my car boot and grab my bag of panties and off I'd go. I would normally stop off somewhere very quiet and take a look at my goodies, and take the panties and put the crutch to my nose a take a big sniff. Oh my god that lovely cunt smell just gave me a massive hard on I just had to get my cock out and have a wank with the panties on my face, it didn't take long for me to shot my load. I kept them in those zip lock plastic bags to keep that amazing scent of ass, pussy juice smell fresh.
I love the smell and taste of a juicy cunt and sometimes I would suck the knickers and get a little taste of their beautiful cunts. I had some that had a few pubes in which was a bonus.
I used to have a wank over then as often as I could either on the way home from a wedding or as soon as I got home. I would also wear some of them, just the ones that didn't have a cunty smell. I had a big collection of panties over 25 years.
Just thought I tell you all.
Also if I did have to wait cos I'd missed a couple of photos I would and quite a few times I got to fuck a slightly pissed bridesmaid's. Id rub their panties into their wet pussy so they where hopefully ready to go in my pocket. Id take their panties off and eat their wet cunts, I love eating pussy so I'd use their panties to dry their wet cunts of their juice before fucking them in the toilet. I would quite often go to a toilet as far from the bridal group as possible so no chance of being caught. I also had a lot of blowjobs. One brides mother was very pleased with the job I had down she took me for a "chat". Oh she didn't want to talk, she wanted my cock. She pushed me into a disabled toilet locked the door and told me she need to suck cock. She was about 20 years older and fuck me she knew how to suck cock and she also enjoyed rimming. Her tongue went in and out of my asshole as she was wanking me. She stopped and said just fuck me in my pussy and ass. I didn't want to disappoint the brides mums so I bent her over the toilet pulled her dress up and her knickers down. They were almost dripping with her juice, so I told her "I'm taking your wet panties". Well I smashed my dick into her soaking wet cunt and she screamed out in pleasure. I made that lady cum so I pulled out and took her panties and dried her up. I took her by the hips and pushed my cock against her tight asshole. That was where she wanted it so I went balls deep into her ass and it wasn't long before I shot my load deep in her ass. She had to composs herself before leaving to loo. But before she left I said let me check you're OK, so I lifted her dress and had a little lick and suck of her clit and my god she came again. She was amazing and she gave me an amazing kiss before she left. I had her panties in my hand.

That was the best wedding I photographed in 25 years.

24 days ago

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