Sister in law is big

I have been having an on going affair for over 7 years with my sister in law and my wife has no idea. It started when she was visiting us for the summer and i saw her sunbathing. My wife was at work and i came home early from my job to find her laying out by the pool in a bikini sunbathing. Now my sis in law is 5'6" and close to 325lbs. I love bbws and her sis is one too. So when i saw her laying there with her ass showing, i couldnt help but watch. I starting rubbing my dick and had to start jerking off to her. She started to roll over and noticed me masturbating. I moved from the window real quick to my bed room to finish but didnt realize she had come in to see me. Told me she wanted to watch. She sat down on the bed and took her bikini off and started maturbating next to me. After a few minutes she rolled over and told me to fuck her. I climbed onto her from behind and slid my dick in her fat pussy. It was great. She knew exactly how to make me cum. Next she flipped me over, climbed on me and rode my cock until she orgasmed all over me. I had juices running down me all over onto the bed. I has been great. We have made it a regular habit whenever we can. She visits every summer, and christmas. And we visit her every spring break. And from time to time she will make suprise weekend visits just to say hi! My only wish is that my wife and her were both willing to fuck me together!!


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  • 7 years how!!!! The hell did u guys keep it going that long with out feeling guilty or getting caught up my affair was an on an off thing with my wife's younger sister never had full blown sex just oral and online sexting for like a year the only reason were not on still is she got caught texting me. But man 7years how???

  • Make that piggy squeal

  • Bid fat potatoe

  • Yabba dabba doo, fucking Neanderthal !

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