Return of the Skate Rat

Laying on my bed in my second floor apt., windows open, when I heard a car
pull up outside. I got up and looked down. Danny the skate rat was getting out of his mom's sweet Mustang. I buzzed him up. He was stoned as usual. For a change, he had a joint. He wanted a beer, and I had none, but, I did have a bottle of cheap wine. I got the wine as he went for a piss. He comes out of the bathroom stark naked, stroking his boner, He knew what I liked, and I really liked surprise nudity. That meant he was really horny, too ! He sat on the couch and lit a joint. I poured us wine, took a slug, handed him some, took the joint from him. He drank and stroked, the mushroom head all purple and shiny. I toked deeply. " That green Colombian" , he said. " Fucking killer shit ! "
I stripped, my own cock bobbing out at half-mast. I kneeled and took his rigid member in my hand and stroked, softly. A dew drop of pre-cum glistened, dripping. I licked it away, and sucked him ravenously. He tasted of the young meat he was, something to be savored, something to be used. The big mushroom head pounded my tonsils as I bobbed on him. He stiffened considerably and began to moan. He, suddenly pushed me away, saying, " I'm 'bout to bust my nuts ! I wanna fuck that man pussy ! " I led him to the bedroom, as we smoked more of the joint and drank some wine. I got some lube and a rubber out of the drawer. He took the lube, passed on the rubber. He greased up and slathered it all around my anus, ramming a finger inside, then, two, then three fingers. He was rough, which was kind of funny because he was a foot shorter and sixty pounds lighter than me. My cock got crowbar hard. I got on the bed and he took me family style, then, on all fours. He was better than usual, and talked all kinds of sweet talk, like, " I own that bitch ass ! Your ass is my fucking pussy ! " He was big and thick and filled me up/ He gave me a reach around and I came pretty quick while he pounded forever. Finally he grunted " Ohhh, owwww, I'm gonna shoot it, Imma gonna shoot ! " and I told him to pull out. He did and shot his thick, tacky load all over my back. It was warm, then hot, then burned me as it usually does in my fractured psychosis. We lay in bed, and drank, then, after a bit, I sucked him again, getting a tasty load for my trouble. He went down on me, but, the boy was a really lousy cocksucker . I wound up jerking off in front of him. " Man, you always shoot a big fucking load ! " he remarked as my cum pulsed out. We cuddled for a little bit, but, he found that boring. He began to drone on about his skateboard exploits, the college overpass, some shopping center loading ramps, I almost fell asleep. Then, he began bugging me about fucking my across-the-hall neighbor, Laura, but that's another story.

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  • The first man who I slept with was a guy that frequently picked up boys at the skate park. When my friend told me that I don't know why but I got excited about it. I'd been with some my friends around my age but not a man. I was there alone and he suggested that I go with him for something to eat. He asked me quietly when I was eating my fries, "what kind of undies do you wear?" I said "The white kind of boy's underpants" with a curious look on my face? He said "Perfect," and back in his car he got me to show um. Soon after I was at his office swallowing a mouthful and soon after I had a buttload of his cum. Did I feel like a boyslut after....?

  • OP here, and I sure hope you felt like the world's biggest boyslut ! It feels good !
    My first time with a man while I was still a teen, at eighteen,and was a guy who picked me up at a midnight movie. I had been warned about the balcony at this certain theater, about queers hitting on you if you dared go up there. That's probably why I went, I was very curious. When I walked up there, three different guys sat by and around me. The one on my left was shorter than me, and seemed a cool uncle type. He put his hand on my crotch, and whispered " Lets go to the boy's room . " I consented and we got up and the other two guys followed. The short man looked back and asserted, " He's mine ! " which both thrilled and scared me. They followed, anyway. In the boy's, short man and I went into the far stall, of three. He aggressively pulled down my pants, and sucked me off, completely, swallowing. Of the other men, one stood watch at the door, and the other stood close by, watching me and Shorty. Shorty had dropped his jeans and boxers, and sported a small, uncut, but very erect penis. " You can bend over that bowl, or get down on your knees and suck this cock ! " he asserted, and I kneeled before him. I took him in my mouth, pushing his foreskin back with my lips. His cock was much different than boys I'd sucked. Tasted stronger, muskier, even nasty, but, tasted more sexual, and desperate. I sucked him as I'd learned, but, paused to ask him to let me see him shoot it. The guy watching had his considerably bigger cock out, stroking it, smiling at me. Shorty moaned and I pulled away as he jetted his spunk onto the toilet rim. It dripped onto a cigarette butt on the floor. Classy. My first man.

  • Yes, it was way better than being with other boys, especially when sucking. When he fucked me the first time and I had a butt load of his sperm leaking into my underpants it was like WOW!

  • Hot and enjoyable post. Thank you.

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