Dump her or not?

I've been madly in love with this girl (Lisa) for about a year. She is 26, a med student, and gorgeous.

We stayed overnight at a friend's place, since we were drinking a lot. We stayed in a separate room, so there was plenty of privacy. Well, at sunrise I woke up to take a piss and was majorly hungover: hacking, sweats, everything bad. I also noticed that my gf wasn't around.

I went looking for her and found her in my buddy's room having a threesome with him and his gf. It was a total WTF moment, and I couldn't believe it at first. He was fucking my girl Lisa doggy style while she was rubbing her clit frantically trying to get off. I said "What is going on here?!?!" and Lisa just said, "C'mon, we're just getting off, oh, I'm so close. . . " She was too in the moment to want to stop.

I'm not into sharing or fucking around, so I put a stop to it, but Lisa and I argued about it all day and into the next. She swears that it wasn't a big deal, that she was horny and had an invite to join them. When I asked why she didn't let me be there, she said that I wasn't invited and that she knew I'd be upset. She also said that was the only time she has fucked someone other than me since we've been together. I'm not sure if I can believe her.

My friend has apologized for fucking my girl, but he also said shit like her pussy felt great, and he even busted in her a little he thinks, which is an image that drives me insane. My gf Lisa has not apologized at all. I love her with all of my heart, but I don't want to be married to a slut. She said it was a one-time thing, but can I trust her? I'd be curious to hear from others who were madly in love with a girl who had a momentary lapse of morality right underneath your nose. Btw, we're still together, but we have some serious trust issues from my end.

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  • Wrong website to get advice about relationships.

  • Man are you ever fucked up. It's you that are the looser.. Think about it dude.

  • 'I love her with all of my heart, but I don't want to be married to a slut.'

    Alternatively ...

    I don't want to be married to a slut, but I love her with all my heart.

    Makes quite a difference where your 'but' goes.

    So you gotta decide.

  • The key thing is she is not taking you seriously, which is why the bad feeling persists, and this weakens your being. I'm not seeing this lasting.

  • Cry me a river, build me a bridge and get the fuck over it, She sounds like an open and fun person you on the other hand get over it. Be glad it was a friend and not a stranger, open your eyes you will be next fucking his wife and he can eat your load dripping from his wife’s pussy just like you ate his load.So pull your panties up and get over it.

  • You ask the question, but you already know the answer. A relationship is built on trust, and you don't trust her. In the end evidence is irrelevant, either you believe her when she says she hasn't done it again in which case you're fine, or you don't believe her in which case you have your answer.

  • It's just sex for gawds sake. She sounds like a fun girl plus she doesn't have jealousy issues. Take it from me, I was married once to the jealous type as most woman are. That is a job all it's own living with. I'm now married to a woman that doesn't have a jealous bone in her. It's like I'm on vacation everyday plus she loves sex.

  • Better marry that woman and have as many threesomes, foursomes and orgies as you can why your young. I met my wife in college and she is bi and for about the first year she was trying to remain monogamous with me. She confessed to me one night about her desire to be with a woman and I was totally into it and we progressed to swinging later on. She is a sexual dynamo and we have had a lot of fun over the last 30 plus years.

  • Dump her and dump the so called friend. Friends don't do shit like that without either prior consent or putting themselves in your shoes and acting accordingly.

  • If you love her, I'd try to work it out. She was likely still drunk, and just thought that she could sneak off and get away with it while you were out cold. I'd take her at her word that she hasn't cheated other than that, but tell her that she can't do that again. It could just be that the alcohol was the issue.

  • I would dump her too. I don’t mind being with a girl who wants to do something to another guy, especially only sucking other cocks, but not til we discuss it and she gets my approval. Otherwise that’s just fucked up.

  • Hahaha I love the bullshit comments you have got below. Here's what's going to happen. Burn this message into your brain because I am seriously about to predict your future. You and Lisa are going to break-up. You are going to let your insecurities get the best of you and most likely she will actually dump you before you can dump her. Why? Because your trust issues will simply become more than she can tolerate.

    Then... you will eventually meet and marry a nice woman that likes only your cock. Sounds like happily ever after, right?

    Wrong. You will probably have kids, but even if you don't that doesn't matter. As time goes on your nice non-slutty wife will not want to have sex with you anymore. You will become a lonely husband (hands up if you're a lonely husband out there reading this - because there's a fuck-load of yous). You will masturbate thinking about that exact moment when you walked in on slutty Lisa getting fucked by your buddy. You''' wish your wife would become a slut. You will regret having not stayed with your slut girl friend. You'll have your dick in your hard contemplating if you can get away with cheating on your nice but boring wife without destroying your entire life. Maybe you will cheat. Maybe you won't. But you will miss Lisa one day when you let her go or destroy your current relationship.

    Sincerely - a female that fucks lonely husbands all the fucking time. I am a total slut for them and it's exactly what they crave.

  • You’re tearing me apart Lisa!!!

  • Life is too short to give it to chicks like this. I did for about 10 years. 10 years of misery.


  • Kick the cow out the door and find yourself a nice girl that is happy with your cock only .

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