Caught a good peek

I went to pick up my friend Lisa yesterday morning to go have breakfast at the local diner. I was early, and she wasn't quite ready, so she invited me into her house to wait. Her husband was in the kitchen making coffee, and he was wearing nothing but a t-shirt. Like his gorgeous ass and cock were in full view. His penis was about 6" and thick, much nicer than my husband's, with a head that looked made for sucking. Oh my, he looked delicious. He slipped on some running shorts when he discovered I was there, but I saw him--a lot of him.

Has anyone else here seen their friend's guy or girl undressed or partially undressed on accident?

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  • My girlfriends 13 year old sister was drunk for her first time ever, she was passed out on the couch with a short skirt on. She sat up then went staggering and bouncing off the walls to the bathroom. After a little bit I noticed she was silent, I went to the bathroom, there she was on her knees puking into the toliet. Her panties were around her ankles her skirt up around her waist, I had a clear view of her pussy exposed from between her thighs. She didn't have much pussy hair but she has a big clitoris and meaty puffy pussy lips .I was so excited that I started to take pictures with my phone. I masturbate to the pictures every day.

  • She’s 13 you sick fuck.

  • Are you going to say anything to him about it??

  • I was at a company picnic once when I saw the tits of the wife of one of my coworkers. She was playing frisbee and her bikini top came undone. She was cute, with a great rack. So fuckable.

  • All of my wife’s friends have seen my cock some in person and some in pics on her phone

  • Getting a little wet thinking about that "much nicer than my husband's" thick 6?

    Don't lie to me. Be honest.

  • Yes, I went to pick up a buddy to go fishing. He was at his g/f's apartment. When I got there, I had to piss, and he pointed me to a bathroom down the hall. As I'm walking past his g/f's bedroom, I see her reflection in the mirror, and she is completely stark naked, making the bed. I had seen her in a bikini, and knew she had nice breasts, and a fine ass, but, seeing them, and her pubic hair, on full display, was a delightful turn-on ! She didn't see me looking, but, was surprised when I walked past the door. She hadn't known I was there, and blessed my buddy out for not warning her.

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