Very old man

Growing up in a very small farm town as a boy I used to clean an very old mans house. One day out of the blue after I had finished he ask me if I knew any young females who would be willing to take on a task. When I ask him what kind of task he tells me he would offer her a small reward if she would pleasure him. He goes into to detail to tell me he would love to have his cock sucked on a regular basis. I thought to myself maybe I might be able to ask a few girls I knew. After visiting him back a few times I finally told him I didn’t think anyone would take up his offer. He replied too bad cause I would pay them good since his wife died years back he hadn’t had s blowjob in quiet sometime. He then proceeds to pull out his cock which is soft and starts to rub it right in front of me. Not knowing what to say I tell him I must get going.
He continued to stroke it right in front of me. Me being young and not seeing many other cocks I’m sorta amazed at his size compared to mine. It’s about 5” but very very thick. He sees me looking and offers it up to me. Not knowing what to think I hesitate then I started touching it amazed at his thick girth. After a while I’m down on my hands and knees trying to get it inside my mouth. At that point I’m not sure if I should stop but I continue anyways. I suck him and stroke him for about 15 long minutes with his cock back in my mouth he shoots off squirt after deep squirt inside my mouth. He moans hard not to stop so I have no choice but to swallow his huge loads. After he’s done he reaches inside his wallet and gives me a reward. I go home thinking about how thick he was compared to mine and later that night with it still on my mind jack off thinking about it. I find myself very happy with the reward and I continued to go back many times to pleasure him. No one ever found out but always wondered why I always had money in my pocket.Eventually I tell my girlfriend about him thinking she will be pissed and and she is wanting to see him and saying we could use some money when I turn her own to him. He eventually gets to pump her and I am embarrassed to say but he fucked Beth way better than me.
She admitted his thickness and his stamina did her in and it turned out to be our dirty little secret


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  • Part 1:
    Love your story.
    I am retired and lost my wife four years ago. I teach music, particularly the guitar on a part time basis to a few students. Anyway, two weeks ago one of my neighbours asked me if I would teach her son as he spent so much time in his bedroom on a computer and he had a guitar but never learnt to play it. I said I would and arranged for him to come to my house.
    I had never met him before and when he arrived and I opened my door I thought it was a girl. Long blond hair and slim with very feminine features. "I'm Georgie" he said "you spoke to my mum about guitar lessons". "Yes, yes" I stammered "I did, come in, come in".
    He brought his guitar into the study and unpacked it. "when was the last time you played Georgie" I asked "what with myself" he replied giving me a cheeky smile. I looked at him not sure how to reply "the guitar you cheeky young person" I said "Oh! sorry" he said sheepishly, "I'm not offended" I said stroking his cheek and as I did that he reached up and put his hand on mine and to my amazement licked the palm of my hand.
    "How old are you Georgie" I asked, "sixteen" he replied, I then said nervously as I was getting into territory I was unused too "you look very lovely, with your long hair and your long legs, would you be offended if I said you look very feminine". "no" he replied "I would like It". It was then I realised just how feminine his voice sounded and said "have you got a girl friend Georgie?"
    "I'm not into girls" he said, "what are you into Georgie?" I replied. "I want a man to make love to me, to kiss me, to be affectionate, to be loving" and you think that's me do you Georgie?" I said, "would you" he replied, "how serious are you Georgie?" "Really serious, but don't tell my mum, please, Oh! please".

  • Part 2:
    I felt so aroused and yet so guilty, he seemed so innocent and yet so desirable, I was being seduced and I knew it and I liked it!! "Would you like to go to bed with me Georgie?" I asked, "I thought you'd never ask" he said, "Where is the bedroom" and I took his hand and we went upstairs.
    I was amazed, we were naked in seconds and I pulled him against me, our erect penises coming together between our bodies, we kissed passionately, our tongues entwined, it was so sexy. He turned around and pushed his bottom against my erection, my goodness what was happening, I pulled his bottom cheeks apart and gently pushed my penis against his anus and said "get into bed Georgie I'm going to get some cream".
    When I returned he was laying with his legs wide apart, his knees raised as I climbed onto the bed, I leant over him and kissed him, "are you sure you want this Georgie?" "Oh! yes, please be gentle though" he replied. "I will be so gentle and so loving Georgie I promise"
    His bottom was so tense, I fingered cream in ever so carefully, caressing his erect penis. he was moaning with desire "I'm cumming, I'm cumming" he cried, "not yet sweetie" I said "not yet" and pulled his cheeks apart and inserted my erection into his anus. He screamed, I felt his anus tighten around my penis and he ejaculated, "don't stop, don't stop" he pleaded and I pushed in harder, "fuck me, fuck me" he was screaming, lifting his hips up to meet my thrusts, "I'm you little girl, your little girl" he kept saying and then I couldn't hold off any longer and with a thrust I ejaculated into him, pulling his buttocks to me as I felt him masturbate again shooting his cum against my belly.

  • Part3:
    As we lay in bed kissing he said, "I think the guitar lessons are going to be great" as he caressed my penis under the duvet. He has been around twice since and I am desperately trying not to fall in love with him.

  • Continuation:
    Well our relationship has developed over the last month, Georgie visits often, I do teach him guitar but then we usually go to bed. He wanted me to buy him some girly undies to wear when we are together and they really turn him on.
    I am having to take Viagra to keep up with him and I love having him in bed with me, he is so very sexy and he loves me to ejaculate in him, sometimes twice if I can manage it.
    When I'm in town and meet him when he's with his mum he flirts outrageously with me as he stands behind her.
    He visited yesterday, went upstairs as usual got dressed as a girl and came down to the lounge, walked sexily over to me lifting his little pleated skirt and I said "you need a smack bottom you naughty girl" and Georgie said "yes please daddy" so I took hold of him, I sat back on the settee and pulled Georgie over my knees.
    The sight of that tight knicker clad bottom was too much, "bedroom" I said and followed that lovely little wriggling bottom up the stairs. I tore my clothes off, took him in my arms kissing his lovely lips, lifting his skirt, "Oh! daddy, daddy" cried Georgie as we fell back onto the bed, I pulled his knickers away from his bottom, lifted his hips and pushed my erection into him. I leaned forward and kissed him out tongues intertwined, I could feel his erection against my belly and we fucked, Oh! did we fuck hard, it was fantastic, kissing and fucking my little girl and I had the most amazing ejaculation, it went on and on and Georgie was screaming when he ejaculated.
    We spent the afternoon in bed.

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