BJ from two levels up

I went on a business trip last year overseas and there were others from our department as well. I was up late finishing some presentations and a message popped up from this person who is two levels up in management. She is not in my management but wanted to know if she could talk to me about something.
I replied back yes and a few minutes later there was a knock at my door, I was thinking it was just a coincidence but when I looked thru the peep hole there she was standing outside my door.
I opened it up and told her to come in then I asked her what she had a question about. She looked different and her whole face was smiling up at me but I was not even prepared for what she asked me.
“I was told your not married, is that true because you also are not wearing a ring.”
I stared at her collecting my mind because I was not prepared for that to come out of her.
I told her I that I was not married nor do I even have a girlfriend if she needed to know it.
“Great!!” She said bouncing on her feet.
“Do you want to have sex?”

Now I have never had a one night stand in my life but for some reason my brain the line “what happens in Vegas...” even though I was an ocean away from there.
I know sooner said yes and she was practically climbing up me and after a few deep kisses she was undoing my shirt.
We fell on to the bed and about half an hour later she collapsed on top of me after her third orgasm I think.
She asked if I could set the alarm for 5 am so she could get up with enough time for a meeting so I did so. She put a leg over mine and an arm on my chest then fell asleep. It took me a few minutes but next thing I knew the alarm was beeping.
She woke right up then began sliding downward and within seconds of being awake her lips were sucking my cock. She started slow but sped up quickly and had one hand stroking my shaft. I came in maybe two minutes as I was rock hard to start with and ready. She slurped it all down then gave me a smile and told me she was getting up. She threw on her clothes and went out the door.
I laid there looking at my wet cock thinking I screwed up but the whole trip was a sex fest and things have been great with ever since.

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