My lifestyle

I was married shortly after being discharged from the service to a gal that lived in San Francisco and I am just a farm boy from South Dakota. We met through a friend and although our lifestyles were so different we were attracted to each other but our marriage was doomed from the start with our backgrounds she had a small boy at the time and she had been sexually active in school while I was very uninformed about sex at that time .
We managed to keep our marriage together for three years but Diane had several lovers during this time also that we fought about constantly and then she decided that she wanted to work and found a job working for a Television repairman.
OH I might add this was many years ago and I am an old man now.
Well it wasn't long before they were having an affair and she wanted a divorce and by this time I wasted up and said fine but my son goes with me and she agreed so I left going to California to seek my fortune and wound up joining the Carpenters union as a apprentice.
That was a good choice for a guy like me that had very little experience in anything except farming and I liked it.
I missed the regular sex that a goes with a marriage though and one day at work in the men's room an adult magazine was left on the wash basin so I thumbed through it and in the back I saw some personnel adds about men and women seeking sex so I took it home with me because being from a small town in South Dakota all I really knew about was farming.
I noticed right off many of the men's adds were from guys with big cocks and I am not huge but at 7 1/2 inches I am bigger than most and since I didn't want to have women around the house in front of my son I made up an add and paid for one month but it was not like now where you get immediate responses and I had to mark my mail as general delivery so the mail wouldn't come to my house.
I checked the mail every day but my add had run out before I got my first response and it was from a married lady that just wanted to meet once in awhile so that is how I started out and I had her take a picture of me nude for my next add and she introduced me to different positions and showed me what women really liked so as I started having better luck and most of my partners were married ladies just out for a quickie romance my phone book began to grow and within a year I had over 10 regular girls I could call f I wanted o get laid then one day a man answered asking me if I would fuck his wife and let him watch but I refused but I saved his phone #
The internet was still in the future so after a few days thinking about it I had him send me a photo of his wife nude and she appeared to be much younger than he was so I talked to them both and he was eager to watch me fuck her and Sharon was not all that sure if she wanted to do it but was willing to try so a new bump in the highway of my experience .
I ran a separate add where it was only for men that wanted to share their wife and watch and the mail began to pour in mostly older guys with dysfunctional cocks and wives that still wanted sex .
The older gals were more open about what they liked and I learned even more and this was all happening like I was living separate lives first the Father going to all of my sons games and working with the boy scouts and school on one hand then sneaking away during the day to make my meetings with couples and single women .
I had opened up a handyman business and had hired 4 guys so my days were free and I could arrange my meetings with nobody the wiser and for over 20yearsthis is what I did until I met my present wife and now after 18 years of marriage I just look back on my younger days not knowing just how many women I have been with but feeling both ashamed and proud of myself.

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