Affair with admin

I am married and so is she. I started working here just just over a year ago and was instantly attracted to the sassy blonde admin. She is ten years younger and dresses really sexy. She has really nice legs and a big butt, slim waist and nice hips, but her boobs are small B cups. Her lips are jut naturally puckered and her eyes are blue, her hair is blonde, she curls it to make it wavy and she smells so damn good. Her hands are soft and her fingers are long and slender and her nails are always manicured and painted, so are her feet, small feet with cute painted toes. She is really sexy and she knows it.

We always had a flirtatious rapport, she would smile as I walked by and I would smile or wink. That lead to talking casually and joking and flirting and going for drinks after work where she threw herself at me the first time we had a drink together. I didn’t expect it, she just put her arms around me and starting making out with me and my hands were all over her big butt then we had sex in my truck.

Since then we have sex during lunch, she lives about a five minute drive from the office and we leave separately and meet at her house where we are free and have sex, take a quick shower, and eat then head back to work. Other times we meet at a restaurant eat and have sex or she will blow me in my truck. I do not use condoms with her, she is too pretty for condoms, I cum in her usually and if she gets pregnant I wouldn’t mind. I want her to have my baby.

Today she wore a dress, tight black dress that hugs he curves but comes to just above her knee, and knee high brown boots. We ate at a cafe close by and then went to my truck and we had sex in the back seat at the parking lot. I had her dress up with her boots still on and her panties pulled down to her knees, she was face down laying down on the backseat and I was on top. I told her “I’m going to cum in you and you’re going to walk around with my cream pie in you”. I came in her pussy and pulled up her panties. She sat up and we kissed some more then headed back to work. I am in my office now and she is worried she smells like cum. I can’t smell it standing close to her but she is worried so she has stayed seated all afternoon.

I know in my heart that it is wrong to cheat on my wife. I know tonight is Friday and my wife is going to want to have sex tonight. I know I will take a shower before we have sex.
I know her husband might find her pussy a little sloppy tonight if they have sex. I know her panties are sloppy and he might see them and how crusty they will be later on.
I know this will all blow up in my face and I will likely get divorced and she will too and we both might lose our jobs.
But she is the best sex I have ever had and the prettiest woman I have ever had and I desire her so much.


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  • Talk to her to see if she would leave her hubby for you

  • We have talked, I am a VP at the company and her husband is a server at a restaurant but he is always between jobs. Not saying anything bad about servers but this guy just cannot hold a job. She is the breadwinner at home. She says she fantasizes about her and I being together and I know part of it is financial and part is the passion. For me it is all the passion. You know when you see a woman and just think WOW she’s the sexiest most beautiful woman ever, I have that. She is the woman of my dreams. She is so beautiful, I love every part of her body, and she is so sweet and cute when she talks and when we make love. No one else compares. Everything about her is perfect to me. I really want to run away with her. I love her. I have not told her yet but I love her. She is all I think about, she is what I desire, I want to possess her heart and her body, I want her for me. I would divorce my wife in a minute if I thought we could do this cleanly. I think I should divorce and then move on with her. We talk about it, but right now it is just fantasies. We have been talking about it more and more.

  • You are living the dream man but just remember, nightmares are dreams too.

  • I know. I know. But this woman is my perfect woman if there ever was one. I feel like the luckiest man in the world to just have had our time together. Even if it is tainted. She is amazingly perfect.

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