LSD and sexuality

Hello im a 21yo gay male from argentina. I wanted to know if anyone who ever experienced with lsd or other drugs have experience any change in their sexuality. Im asking because im interested in being with a woman, and maybe it would help me be atracted to one.

I want to clarify, im not talking about "curing" my homosexuallity, im just interested in traying new things.

Sorry for my english, im not a native speaker.

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  • When I was pretty young me and my bestfriend would do acid together. He'd get all horny and he'd be all over me, fucking me and or making me suck him. He'd act like nothing happened when he wasn't stoned?

  • LSD got me royally fucked by some college guys when I was 14.

  • I would find a bi male friend and have a threesome with him and a woman. You will get a taste and see how far you wish to take it with a female, plus be horny from having a dick present. Hsve some wine and cannabis to relax, too.

  • I never found LSD, or psilocybin or mescaline to be much of a factor in the sexual realm. They made me focus inward and pretty much forget I even had a dick. I encourage your sexual experimentation, but, advise against LSD for relaxation or courage. Marijuana would be a much better choice.

  • I'm a bi sexual male, I did my share of drugs back in the 60's. Mostly smoked pot, but I did drop some acid from time to time. In fact there are a couple years from the late 60's that are still a little fuzzy to me. Doing the drugs didn't change your sexuality, it just intensified how you were.

  • No. Your being will just intensify on LSD. You won’t change, but if you’re interested, it might free you enough to try it.

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