Girlfriends Mom

I was at my girlfriends house last month and saw that her mom had some used panties in the hamper. I got hard immediately. So I took them out and walked to the couch and pulled my pants down and started jerking to their scent and they were ripe. Then walks in her mom seeing my cock out and her panties to my nose. She screamed for me to stop. I freaked out jumped up and pulled my pants up. I told her I was so sorry and I was so ashamed. She took the panties from my hand and slapped me. I told her I would do anything for her not to tell anyone anything at all. She grabbed my cock and told me I was a sick fuck and that her daughter deserved way better than me. I was so hard and she toyed my cock and I started moaning. I put my hands in her pants and felt her wet pussy and fingered it. I felt a finger slide in my ass and I moaned and she said "mmm you like that don't you?" I told her it felt good so she bent me over and told me to hold on. She came out with a strapon on and lube and put it on the dildo and my ass and she fucked me hard. I mean I could barely walk after she fucked me so good. After she had fucked my ass a few times I asked her if we were good and she said yes. The next morning I came over and my girlfriend and her husband and her were sitting at the kitchen table and my girlfriends was holding the panties. She asked me how I could do this and I told her I was so sorry and said to her mom "thought you weren't going to say anything?" She said she changed her mind and her dad said I should get out and never come back. I walked out their house my ass throbbing in pain as I looked back she was holding the strapon and licking it. That was the last time I saw anyone in that family again.

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  • You keep dreaming

  • Bored in your moms basement again? Go out and get a job young man.

  • Now come, come your certainly telling fib's here aren't you ?

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