I want the guy down the hall

I have a crush on the guy down the hall, I won't make a move as I think he has a girlfriend. But I have this fantasy............ We are passing each other in the hall, I brush up against him & he grabs me & pins me up against the wall. He holds my hands up above my head & rams his tongue down my throat, I can feel his cock growing harder as he leans into me. Suddenly he flips me around he tears my panties off in one swift movement, spreads my legs from behind and slams is huge hard cock into me over & over again. I'm starting to cum my legs are shaking like crazy & I can barely stand up. He justs keeps going, harder & harder. His hand covers my mouth to muffle my sqeals of deligh. With one final hard thrust he blows is load filling my insides so that I can feel is warm cum seeping out & dripping down my thighs. He pulls out gives me a quick kiss on the back of the neck, picks up my torn panties & puts them in his pocket. Gives me a slap on the arse, a cheeky grin & a knowing wink then says have a great day. Leaving me standing there trying to catch my breath & wondering what the hell just happened!!!

8 months ago

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    • You have a beautiful mind.

    • If he ever does that to you please let us know.

    • Thanks guys ;) I guess it's more about the chase etc & having all that sexual tension in the air, also the reality might not live up to the fantasy. I definitely want to be dominated by him but haven't thought about the after part.

    • That fantasy can be a reality you just need to act it out. It sounds like you just want to be fucked slapped then left , which is erotic. I know what i'd be doing with your panties now if I had them !!! ;) feel free to send me a pair.

    • Wow! that is hot. I wish I was your neighbor.

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