70 but I still need exciting fantasies

I was at lunch today and the lady sitting next to me is a good friend who I have flirted with for some time now. My wife was sitting across from me and I realized the lady next to me had on a short shirt. I moved my knee to touch her leg and she responded with a move back toward me. As the lunch proceeded I put my hand down on my knee and just ever so lightly touched her leg. She showed no response but a little later I ran my hand up along her leg. I then managed to ask her to pull her skirt up further. At first she did not respond, but finally did turn i such a way that her legs were open and her legs were somewhat aimed toward me . I kept asking her to pull her skirt up so that I could see her panties. Unfortunately that did not happen but near the end of the meal I slid my hand up and touched her in the best possible spot, just for a second, but for a 70 year old man it was the most exciting thing to happen to me in years. I know,, no sex, no oral sex, nothing like that, but the excitement I felt was like like my first time as a teenager. We all deserve to feel that way once in awhile. I was just wondering if other old guys like me have ever had that sort of experience!!


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  • I'm 70 and my wife would have helped me hit on her. She's done so twice. She has a friendly, funny way of conveying that she's OK with it. "you'll cheer him up for a year, honey." Something like that.
    We still do it 3x a week - love my Viagra.

  • Hey guys, I'm 71. I can fuck my wife for 5 minute quickies, I better be watching the clock. But I can go an hour with Viagra -- ask the your doc. I do work almost daily. I actually switched to the generic Sidenafil -- it's just as good and cost $37 36 -- with insurance. The second day is still potent. I get drug free bj's - oh thank heavens our girls grew up in the 60's.

  • I'm also over 70. Due to circumstances, I no longer stay hard so normal sex is pretty much out now. OK so, when I was much younger, I took rides from men who gave me blow jobs and enjoyed it. Over time I have read how healthy sperm will not hurt you and many people say they really enjoy it.
    So now I look for other ways to get pleasure. I have never given a bj. What I did get to do though was to take hold of another seniors "package". I squeezed several times to get a feel of that big warm strong handful and I was in heaven. It was really exciting being my first time.
    So, one step at a time as we all look for greater pleasure in life. I really hope to see how it feels to have a penis in my mouth and bob up and down on it.

  • Sexual desire + carnal intentions never get old !

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