Hi, I'm Jay. I have this sister, about a year younger than me. And she is probably the finest chick I know. I have had a crush on her since I was about 13, and I think Its about time I fucked her brains out. We used to share a room when we were kids, and I used to jack off to her sexy body. I would put my dick in her mouth and make her suck me off a bit. She never really knew, well at least I think she never knew, and I did it a lot. One time I almost stuck it in her pussy, she was wearing this short skirt while she was sleeping. Her ass looked so perfect right there. I couldn't do it though, but now I think If I ever saw her in a pink skirt while passed out again I would fuck the shit out of her. If she ever gave me a chance to spend the night, I think I would make it happen.

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  • I always get the feeling that she likes me when were with each other, like she wants to fuck me too. I just have to have that one chance alone with her.

  • I love jerking off to her photos, she likes to dress sexy. Some photos shes wearing her bikini, those drive me crazy. I saw a photo of her tits once, I got obsessed about fucking her after that. Huge titties.

  • Oh Mandy, how you came and you gave without takin'. Oh Mandy, won't you kiss me and stop me from shaking?

  • Thinking about banging my sister just makes me rock hard, if she ever reads this, just ask me to go out for some lunch. And say its a lovely day to be alive, so I know you read this.

  • Most sisters do make brothers hard. Its normal.

  • And if they are good sisters they make him cum

  • Lol. Having sex with your sister is absolutely ok.

  • I would really love to fuck my sister.

  • She is good I fucked her

  • Most brothers would f**k their sisters and its totally ok with birth control.

  • Oh yea!!!

  • Id fuck my sister first chance I get

  • How old is she?

  • Mine is 11

  • You sound like my brother and for the past 3 months he has been fucking me nightly before falling asleep.

  • Nice how old r u?

  • Not your brother, but damn, I wish I was. My sister Amanda and I haven't spent much time together lately.

  • Why not your brother?

  • If I was the brother she mentioned, id be fucking my sister everyday, but it hasn't happened yet so it wasn't me shes thinking about. Maybe she has a brother Jake too.

  • You need to figure out a way to spend the night with your sister soon. When she's asleep get into bed with her and start fingering her pussy to get her wet. Wake her up with your cock fucking her pussy.

  • If I spent the night we'd have to be partying, seems to be the only time we can do it. I think about it all the time. Even though I'm in a relationship I think about banging her from time to time. When those feelings hit,they hit hard.

  • Preteen pussy is best

  • How old is your sister now?

  • I have one 8

  • Shes 25

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