Car show

This happened to us a while back now me and my wife who was quite young at the time decided to go out for the day because it was a really hot sunny day . We jumped in the car and set off heading for the coast on are journey we spotted this show ground that was full of all sorts of motor vehicles . Now I'm into that sort of thing but my wife's not but I talked her into having a look around with me anyway , There was hundreds of vehicles and you could have a good look around them because it was relatively quiet , I was taking photos of the cars that I liked and I said to my wife to stand in front of them so I could take her picture as well , Now my wife to me looks good this day she was wearing a short skirt she had her heels on and a little crop top because it was so not Any way we was Messing about taking photos my wife was doing sexy poses for a laugh , Then from nowhere this older guy appeared taking photos of my wife me and my wife stopped I thought what a cheek , He said sorry don't stop do you mind if I take some photos of your model I thought his he taking the piss, I said it's my wife not a model he came out with she should be a model with that figure and those legs , Then he said if i pay you and your wife for your time could I take some shots of her posing in front of the cars , My wife was quite reluctant not to do it but he convinced her with his flattery and he said I'll show you what to do , He gave us the money which I thought was very generous I must say , It started off ok then he said to my wife don't be shy show more leg I think my wife was enjoying the attention she pulled her skirt up a little then he said come on a bit more so she did what he asked , There was a jeep there he told her to sit in the jeep then he said put one leg out so she did she put her hand over her crutch , Then he said No take your hand away she did so now she was exposing her thong , I think my wife was getting turned on a bit , I know I was , He said pull your skirt up my wife did this then he said up over your knickers he was getting quite intimidating he was a bit scary and we was both quite young ,Again he said pull your skirt up above your knickers my wife did what he said, He said now open your legs my wife slowly opened them covering her crutch again ,This time he was taking control he said move your hand away he got closer and was taking photos of her crutch , Her thong did not hide much , Then he pushed her legs apart further looked at my wife then said you like this don't you my wife did not answer again he said we'll do you ,My wife nodded then he said show me again he said show me my wife was shaking he said it again show me , I could not believe what was happening she pulled her thong exposing herself to us up until then there was no one else about ,Then this guy walked up my wife sat back up straight , Then Don that was his name said I never told you to do that go back to where you was , I said that was enough , Don said do this then the photo shoot his finished if not I want my money back , Don said skirt up legs open my wife did this , Then he said to my wife show us my wife pulled her thong to the side showed all three of us I said that's enough , Don said ok he said to my wife open your legs rea!!y wide hold that pose for 10 seconds then we are done , Me and my wife never managed to make it home we had sex in a field before we got home .

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  • God I can't believe this. It happened to me last year at the rod show in Spokane and the photographer had me posing in every way you could imagine. Bare breasted and all.

  • This not Don's first time at this, he probable is looking for woman at show's all the time, some work out some don't

  • I hope the car show was good. Really. I can't get my wife to go to them. She must have some exhibitionist tendencies too, otherwise there is no way she would have gone that far. I'd be curious if she ever shows off in other contexts. She must know that she's hot and that guys like looking at her.

  • What she did was out of her character , But it has given her a boost she is definitely changed , I think it was in her all the time since that day she has shocked me what she does

  • Sounds like Don was gonna rape your wife. Good job dipshit

  • If i were your wife I would let Don fuck me raw right there. You can watch or join us.

  • Should of let Don stick his cock in her That would of had been a great picture

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