Innocence I thought

Over the years I would say there is a kind of innocence to my wife she can be really quite naive at times , Many times I was there to witness different situations she was in . One such time I went with her to a client she would do care work for , I waited in the hallway for her while she done her thing . He was with his friend he didn't know I was there , He was telling his friend how he would look down my wife's top or up her skirt . He said he would get her to lean over so he could see her tits , Or crouch or bend over to see her knickers . Now while he was saying all this I had the good sense to record it with my phone , At first I never said anything to my wife . I would just imagine him looking at her and found myself enjoying the thought of it , Then one day she came home from work and told me that he had tried to put his hand up her skirt . She said she shouted at him but felt guilty because it could have been a accident , I said it was not a accident then played the recording to her . She was not happy from what they was saying also not happy with me for not playing it to her before . After things calmed down I convinced my wife the best way to get him back was to flash her cleavage or knickers at him it would drive him mad . She would come home and tell me that he had been looking down her top or up her skirt all day , I asked her if she enjoyed it she said it made her feel powerful . I said I bet he enjoyed the view , Then my wife said you like me flashing don't you , I said yes I do. Then my wife said do I stop now is that got him back enough or do you want me to go further then smiled at me . I said ok we need to punish him my wife looked at me you could see she was getting into this like me , I said wear shorter skirts and lower tops and no underwear and shave yourself bald . My wife was shaking , I said if he puts his hand up your skirt what would you do my wife said open my legs wider .Now my wife is doing just that so far he has seen down her top at her bra less tits , Also up her skirt to her bald pussy and so has his mate they are loving it . He has attempted only once to put his hand up my wife's skirt but was disturbed by a neighbour , I think my wife was disappointed but it's only a matter of time then see where it all leads . If you want I'll keep you posted


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  • Hott! It's cool the two of you can have this discussion.

  • You 3 should get together and let it happen you will enjoy watching

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