I would just like to say that I am a jealous possessive guy if any body tried it on with my wife lets just say I wouldn't be happy . Now my wife and I got married very young she had not been with anyone else except me , And always said she would never be interested in anyone else . Now she is 40 i would say I still fancy her something rotten , She is attractive great legs and boobs always takes care of her appearance . Things changed for me one night when we was in a bar and a guy asked my wife for a dance , My wife said can't you see im with my husband , The guy immediately apologised to both of us and offered to buy us a drink . He was quite persuasive so we had a drink with him after a few more I said to my wife go on have a dance with him , My wife you could see she was not keen but got up and danced with him anyway . The music had slowed down so it was a smoochy dance , My wife looked a little awkward being so close to a stranger . This is when I noticed he was rubbing her ass and trying to kiss her he was a little bit merry I suppose , When they came back he went to the bathroom my wife said don't get angry he's drunk . I don't no why but I said I'm fine if anything it's turning me on a bit , My wife was totally shocked by this and wanted to go . I said just for tonight for me lets be daring and do something out of are comfort zone , My wife was somewhat reluctant then said what , I said see what he does and we will take it one step at a time when he came back we moved to a booth in the corner . After a short time he said I was a lucky man to have a wife that sexy , He put his hand on my wife's leg and I said what do you think of her legs he said smooth . Then I said there smooth all the way up he did not need any encouragement , He slid his hand up her skirt my wife tried to stop him I said it's ok my wife looked angry . Then his attention went to her boobs he said she had nice boobs I said you can feel them they are natural , Again my wife tried to stop him I said it's ok , So he was groping her my wife said I want to go now she was angry . She got up and walked out I followed her and we left followed by are new friend , He asked if he could come back to ours I said No , I didn't want to see anybody having sex with my wife just a bit of groping we got to point where we had to go are separate ways . My wife was still angry he shook My hand then went to give my wife a kiss she turned away , I said go on give him a kiss to my shock she gave him a proper long kiss , Again he put his hand on my wifes leg then pushed her skirt up . My wife looked at me and said to him my legs are smooth so his my pussy , Now I was in shock she hoisted her skirt up to her waist looked at me then told him to remove her panties , This he did she was stood there with her skirt up legs open in her heels , Then said you can keep them has a memento of this evening dropped her skirt back down then walked home with me running behind her . I think she showed me , I don't think I would do it again for fear of what she would do . What do you think


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  • I think there are some women out there who think about sex with other men. If you give her enough approval she may end up doing behind your back with a hot co worker or a friends hubby/ boyfriend.
    Of you can take watching your beautiful wife go crazy insane sucking some other guys cock go for it. I’m sure she’s built up enough tension to want to try another cock. I’m sure once she has had a taste of his cock and he’s much better fucking her than you.. well I guess you know she’s going to always want his cock pleasure

  • Idiot have no idea what a woman is....pathetic lonely lame boring cuntmagot is what you are lol

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