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I’m a liberal woman who gets so turned on by President Trump and his supporters. I dont know why but I just get so wet. I feel so ashamed but horny af.

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  • Very common among liberal females, to be sexually attracted to Trump supporters. Liberal women, on some deep subconciousl level, realize that they are mentally unbalanced. They are driven to seek a good hard fucking by a normal American citizen, in hopes that a big load of conservative jizz injected into their body orifices will help fight off the disease known as Liberalism. Nancy Pelosi is in dire need of a treatment, but likely only a hard ass fucking with multiple loads by President Trump himself would straighten her out.

  • I was at a bar in DC of a upscale hotel. They were having some conservative woman’s group meeting there, and they had name tags on. So I sat at the bar and said, I’m with you all the way and how the libturd media treats Trump...just to get her going. She was a classic mid 40’s GOP woman...nice fake tits, short skirt, long nails and over permed blonde hair...a bit too much in the tanning booth. So I bought her drinks and really piled it on...went after CNN, MSNBC, Maddow, Soros and all the other bogeyman or woman they get riled up about. I placed my hand on her tight thigh and asked let’s go back to your room and watch Hannity or something. So we left the bar and when we got in she grabbed the TV remote and I said, your mine now and pinned her against the wall. She went wild, her tongue was deep in my mouth and then it got interesting

  • I'm liberal and went to a Trump rally for the curiosity. It's rare to have a President visit my town. Though he has a 3rd graders vocabulary, he's charismatic. He was actually wildly entertaining, as horrifying as the shit was that came from his mouth.

  • Then you're not really a liberal, then...

  • Like Trump isn't fucking the Liberals.

  • I don't believe you. It isn't the orangutan; it's the profit the orangutan represents that makes you all gushie.

  • I went to Trump rally, the town was full of evangelical types. I hate religion in general but pretended I needed to be saved or something. Found this nice couple from Iowa thst were preachers and saving types. When we got to my room I grabbed the woman and said, to be saved you need to fuck me...hubby got real excited and whipped his cock out...and we DP his wife. I recorded it on a small camera I had setup in my room, and I was able to figure out their full names and what church they preached at. Guess what I’m going to do next??

  • My dad took me to a Trump rally and it was the bomb. i dont care if he has small hands and dick, he paraded like a rock star and id fuck him easily. if u have never been to a Trump rally, u don't know how hott it is. it was lock her up and im thinking lets ride some dick.

  • Trump is the greatest president this nation has had in the past 100 years. You should bow down to all Trump supporters and let them fuck all three of your holes until you overflow with gallons of Trump supporter jizz.

  • The rest of the world (yes, there is a world outside the USA) views Trump as an idiot.

  • I always do. It’s my only role in the world.

  • That’s ok. I pretend to be a Trumper, just to get the Trump whores to fuck me. The best is when I tell them I want to do anal to them, and if they really support Trump they will let me do it. It’s amazing by using lines like Libturds and Hillary is a bitch, these women get all wet and bothered. When I stay all night I sometimes tell them in the morning it was a big lie.

  • You tell them what's a big lie? That you're actually gay and like taking dick up your ass? Yeah, that sounds like a typical faggot liberal.

  • It’s a lie I support Trump. Those stupid Trump whores, easy to fool and fuck. Just a few key words and sentences and I get anal on them

  • This is absolutely true ! I've gone underground as a Trump supporter, and a religious man, joining a church of god in my small hometown. Pious and self-righteous, the lot of them, but, get any one of those women behind closed doors, and married or not, those clothes come off, the legs spread, or they get on their knees and open their mouths. Mention the Orange Baby and they'll ride you like a rodeo champion ! So simple, so slutty, so stupid !

  • Churches are hotbeds of forbidden sex, then mix in evangelicals and Trump you get some people that just explode with hidden sexual tension, of all ages. I like the mature ones being all so pious and straight laced with their sweaters and dark blue stockings, and all perfumed up....sitting next to them in a pew, rubbing up against them. Seeing their legs start to go back and forth, twitching ever so slightly....getting all wet

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