Older men

If there are any young attractive females out there that have an itch or a desire to make out with older men 50-58 ... of course fit and attractive.
If so..what are indications we should be looking for?
I get many stares from young females whenever I go out drinking but feel it would be awkward for everyone to start up any words.
Last time there were two females flirting with me but I didn’t feel right since they were both loaded, Thry kept teasing me to go back with them to their room but o declined. I wish I would have though.
Any help would be awesome.

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  • I’d like to have some fun with a young female. I’d sure like to teach her how to suck my cock and show her how a guy should eat her pussy out

  • You’re an idiot, go next time, oh that’s right, there won’t be a next time. Good job, slick

  • You should feel awkward as you are thought of as a creepy old man at the stage your at by the majority of young girls

  • Nothing creepy about wanting younger pussy.
    Your probably a Millennial and we all know how lazy and worthless you shits are

  • Not so. The guys these days suck at foreplay. You must be one of them

  • I get turned on by older guys looking at me, as i think about what they want to do to me. Started when i was 14 and old guys would try to see up my skirt on the bus. I obviously didn't fancy them but i was turned on.
    Thoughts like this have got me quite wet at times but nothing ever happened. I am now a student and recently a local guy i thought was in his 30s (actually 42)really came on to me at locals club. I was turned on with what i imagined he wanted to do to me. I went back to his place (bit silly i know) and he stripped me off as soon as we got in. He was very hard and soon in me, i couldn't stop him, it was practically rape, except my dark side wanted it so i put up little fight. He fucked me really hard, and he came quickly, but so did i. I was shaking. I ran away when he was in the bathroom there was a big mix of excitement, fear and overwhelming what have i just done. I don't regret it, probably my fastest orgasms ever, but god i was scared.

  • I'm older man into young pussy first time was I was like 40 she was 18 nice n tight pussy n very good I'm looking for young pussy now I'm 51

  • If a girl is flirting with you you run with it. I have had sex with a few older guys. A 30 year old when I was 19, a 50 year old in my early 20's and had a threesome with a 49 year old with a girlfriend from work who I went to Vegas with. He came up to us at the bar with swagger and confidence, fucked us both a couple times, and then went back and fucked him by myself later in the trip. Good times. Be confident.

  • Thank you. That was awesome

  • The cues would be no different than if you were 20. You need to pick up on them.

  • Thanks

  • Loaded and they wanted you to go back with them and you said no? WTF is wrong with you???

  • I did feel a little unsure at first. The more I thought about it the more I realized that was my golden chance.
    Now I’m hearing more and more stories of young women wanting older men due to inexperienced younger guys their age. I’m hearing they want the foreplay. Not just whambam thank you mam. I’m pretty much am hearing more and more stories of younger females going after older males like how the younger males like having sex with experienced no strings attached with older females

  • Afraid they would turn it into something else. When people drink they say things they don’t truely mean.

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