Punished for peeping

I took showers in a sport complex after playing volleyball with my girlfriends. Found peep holes on the wall facing the showers and discovered a boy had been looking at us stark naked in the shower. The next day we told boys about it and caught a boy red handed in the tool shed next to the showers. They strung him up from a cross bar behind the bleachers and stripped him naked right in front of us. I still remember the pervert getting a hard on when they took off his underwear. Apart from getting a sexual charge out of watching a stark naked boy with his dick stuck up in the air, they spray painted his dick and butt pink and took pictures of him. I think his expression of humiliation is what turned me on so much. We never saw they boy again, but have plenty of very revealing pictures to remember him bye. Must have taken days to wash all that paint off his dick.

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  • I used to have sex with my high school girl friend in her home garage before her parents came back from work. i was sucking her pussy laying down on the back of a pick up, while she held her skirt up with her panties off when her sister walked in on us. She stood there with a grin on her face threatening to tell her parents. I remember she got so mad at her she grabbed her, lifted her skirt, tore off her panties and told to take a picture with her legs wide open. I couldn't help getting a hard on watching my girl friend spreading her pussy lips telling me to take a picture of her. I pulled out my cel phone and snapted a close up of her pussy and second one with her face in it. She was so enbarrassed about her sister showing the in school she naver dared say anything. I just wish she would have asked me to suck her off.

  • When my sister turned 14 my mother would make her do house chores. She was always complaining because I was 17 a boy and didn't have to do does things when we came back from school. I would tease her about having to stay home while I walked out the door to hang out with my friends. I remember my mother would get mad because she would sneak out her bedroom window behind her back. On day I came back and discovered my Mom had locked away her clothes and saw my sister doing the dishes completly naked. I remember looking at her white butt and her tits were just two bumps with pointy nipples. She was so embarrassed, she was tucking her arms to cover her tits while washing the dishes and couldn't help exposing her pussy when she finished. My mother just didn't care about her bieng naked in front of me, so kept looking and cheking her out. Her pussy was almost hairless, could clearly see her pink pussy lips and could feel my dick getting hard as she walked around exposing every inch of herself. I never thought my sister would look so sexy naked being nust 14 years old. She obviously looked embarrassed about being naked most of the afternoon and wouldn't even dare look at me. She never sneaked out the window again, but since tha day I always had dreams of sucking her pussy.

  • SeešŸ¤£

  • I have a similar one, but..Not punished for peeping. My hot sister was a teacher, and very involved in school events. Had a perfect body, and every year, named the TILF (teacher like to fk). Male students loved, and sometimes, handled her, as did some of the other staff.

    After setting up for a play, she took a shower in the men's locker room, since the women's was locked up. I took mine first, as I finished helping her a few minutes earlier, so, was waiting for her, standing guard of sorts, while she showered off in direct view. That perfect, naked body could have been seen by anyone near the door or benches.

    I'm waiting for her, pacing around, and hear shuffling on one side. Go see what it is, and, kneeling down, mouth wide open, was a janitor. He'd been watching her the entire time, from stripping down, to walking into the open showers, totally naked, to soaping herself and rinsing. He was maybe within 5 feet of the shower entrance.

    Instead of startling her and giving him up, I tapped his shoulder and pointed "out". He slowly and quietly exited out a side door, looking back one more time as she bent over to squeeze her wet hair.

    On the way home, I did tell her, but only that he "popped in, then left", not that he'd taken in the entire, naked show. She did report it, but, since she was also too nice to really press forward, he got off (in more ways than one). Now, she mentions it as "the time the janitor got his thrills, thanks to me". True story.

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