I think I want to hang my 47 year auntie (help?)

A while ago someone got me to touch myself to my auntie (I am not going to explain how. It just happened) I thought nothing of it after. Some time later it happened again. Then it became a routine. I then went panty searching and took a pair of worn panties. I know it's not a good thing. It's very bad and I am aware of that. I can't help it though. What should I do? I think I am attracted to her, she is very attractive for her age. Anytime she walks around and/or bends over, i cannot help but stare. I am 17. Help?

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  • For fuck's sake, don't "hang" her ! That moves from incest to an area of sexual perversion that I'm betting she won't be good with. Put away the rope, but, don't lose hope !

  • Certainly sounds like you could get a nice few fucks from her when you turn 18.
    Flirt with her as much as you possibly can, particularly try to get a hard on so she can see it's outline through your pants.
    Best of luck I think you could be on a good thing there

  • Nothing wrong with being attracted to your aunt. I used to fantasize about fucking my aunt all the time while I stroked my bone. Shortly after my 18th birthday, she told me that she liked the way I always looked at her, and she fucked my brains out. You should let your aunt know you desire her, maybe she will give you some.

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