Lesbian fetish for older white women.

I am a 16yr old black girl who has a fetish for older slim, petite pale white or Korean women like viven leigh or hyuna. I been having this strong fetish since I was 13 after a sleep over incident. I often feel like flashing my breast to white women, I stare at their feet and at times even creep them out . I do feel bad for that though. I have also got unwanted attention from men which I am not really interested in. I am very shy and submissive girl but have a strong fetish to worship slim pale white feet, v***** and a**. Among my strange specific fetishes is the desire to have my chubby body (esp my br****) trampled by such a woman and get peed on my t*ts.

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  • So, wait until you are a few years older (like college age), and then date one.

    In the meantime, fantasize it up!

  • Thank u, I fantasize everyday!. If there could be a way I could sign something that says I can take full responsibility if I have sex with an adult and keep them legally safe, I'd be the happiest girl!. But stupid laws keep me back. I am fully aware of what I am doing and need no law to keep me safe!.

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