Wife’s hot friends

Do any of you married guys have a strong sexual desire to be with one of your wife’s hot friends or coworkers. Just need everyone’s complete honesty here. My wife has this friend she met at work and has known her for at least 20 years. I know it’s totally wrong but from the first time I saw her I couldn’t stop admiring her. She’s like attractive from top to bottom and sexy and classy. Nothing would ever happen cause I’m sure she’s not that type to cross any boundaries between my wife and her. Here’s the thing.. my wife has told about times she has possibly cheated on her husband or had small affairs. This turns me on so much knowing she portrays herself like a saint around everyone. My wife says guys are constantly hitting on her. One night when they went out and her friend was feeling good she asked my wife if our sex life was good. Then she admitted theirs was so so average. I’m easily aroused when I see her thinking of those lucky guys that have gotten inside her panties. Oh by the way.. I’ve seen her hubbies little penis when we have gone out as couples.
I managed to get a peek to see what he had and she was getting. Not impressive so maybe that’s why she’s sneaking around. 20 years later and she’s still hot


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  • Let the women decide if you are to get fucked or not. keep your mouth shut and your pants on. You don't want to do or say anything out of line.

  • A friend of my wife comes over to go jogging with her every weekend. We live by a track. She usually wears a tight sports tank top that shows her abs and spandex shorts that look painted on to her luscious ass. It takes more than a little self control not to tell her how fucking awesome she looks. I'd love to see her have sex, like with me haha.

  • My wife has a hot friend whom we've known for about 8 years. I love it when she comes over. She's pretty, has a great bod, and a great sense of humor punctuated by a fairly filthy mouth. There isn't a time when she's over that I don't fantasize about slipping her some cock. She's married and her husband is a very lucky guy.

  • My wife and her BFF are always competing. Honestly I don't even know why they are friends, they compete and fight about EVERYTHING. They were fighting about something and my wife got the upper hand, and instead of taking the win she kept slamming her friend until she stormed out of our house. My wife tried to follow but she stopped her and said NO. My wife came in and asked me to follow her and make sure she didn't do something stupid. I didn't want to, but did anyway. I found her about 3 blocks away next to the park. I tried to comfort her the best I could but she was pissed off. She decided to forgive my wife if I had sex with her. She said it would be kept a secret as a one up on my wife. I went with it and had sex with her in the park. She told my wife that I had convinced her to forgive her. I guess I did.

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