Regretful Admission

My wife and I are open about what or who turns us on. She will point out a woman and ask me if I think she's hot and if I'd fuck her. I do the same with guys. We had an interesting conversation the other day thanks to the new transphobic movement.

I said that I think it's crazy that ppl are labeled transphobic just because they wouldn't have sex with a trans woman. She said, "So would YOU?" I said, "Would I what?" She said, "Have sex with a trans woman?" I said, "Depends really." She said, "Wow, that wasn't the answer I was expecting. How does it depend?" I said, "How good she looks." She said, "It doesn't matter if she has a cock?" I said, "Not really. If it's a smoking hot trans woman, I'd have sex with her." She said, "You'd suck dick?" I pulled up a video of a trans porn actress named Vaniity. I said, "I'd suck her dick. She's basically a woman with a dick." She looked shocked. I said, "There are a couple trans women at work. They are all IT'S MA'AM type trannies. I don't want a balding man with a mullet, a square jaw and tiny tits."

She said, "So you're saying you're bisexual?" I said, "If you have to put a label on it...bicurious more than anything. Not me having sex with a man, but with a very good looking trans woman? Yeah, i'd give it a shot." She said, "What about anal?" I said, "Which way?" She again was shocked. She said, "You'd let a trans woman fuck you in the ass?" I said, "I'd give it a shot. You told me that most ppl don't like anal the first time. I couldn't just say i hate it after one time. It would have to be a few times." She said, "You're fucking with me. I'm gonna find a tranny and call your bluff." I said, "If you find a hot tranny, you'd let me have sex with her?" She said, "Sure. As long as I'm there to watch or join in." I said, "Bet."

That was like 3 weeks ago. I'm trying not to seem eager so I don't mention it but I hope she finds a hot tranny so I can attempt to get her into bed.

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  • Have your dream. Sounds like fun and exciting to want your wife in on it.

  • His wife would smack him then divorce him in a heartbeat!

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Dream another dream this one is over!
    Simply put,
    There are no chicks with dicks!
    Only men with tits!
    You can put makeup and lipstick on a pig!
    But it is still a pig!

  • Your a pathetic loser just stop posting hate on this site you’re really annoying!

  • He has every right to post as you do! You pretentious asshole!

  • But some pigs are better looking than others.

  • But at the end of the day they are still pigs!

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