I love sissys

I love sissys, or trannys, or crossdressers, or ladyboys or whatever you call them. They really turn me on. When I was younger every time I saw one my dick would get so hard. They were so different then women although sometimes it was hard to tell it she was a real woman or a tranny. But once I talked to her I could tell right away if it was a real woman or not. They said things real women would never say to you. Things like "How big is your dick" or "Can I suck your dick??" I've never had a real woman say anything like that to me. Heck, sometimes they would even ask me "Can I fuck you??" Things like that turn me on completely. I've never had a woman that could suck my dick as good as a sissy could. I've heard women say that sissys were taking there men. Well, if you were as good in bed as a sissy was, you wouldn't have anything to worry about. I had this one sissy that would suck my dick while she was finger fucking me. She made me explode so hard I couldn't walk afterwards. That's the was sex is supposed to make you feel.

3 months ago

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