I love it I love it

So tbh im not sure if I just have a High sex drive or addicted to sex or what..
But I've been masturbating to tranny porn for a while. I don't like masculine men nor do I like men or find them attractive. However I do love trannies. Trannies who look more like women than me. I love ass. I love fingering ass. I even used to fuck my own ass from time to time. I love a feminine femboy or female. Especially femboys who act like girls and look like them. Femboys an trannies. I'd only suck a cock if it was a tranny. Which I'd equate to eating their "pussy". I'd love to really pound a trannies pussy (ass). I love them pre op. I love how they look whenever you fuck their butts really deep and they ride/suck you like an actual female. That's a huge turn on. It's probably a taboo tbh. Especially taking one of these femboys/trannies/shemales from the back behind clothes doors and them just giving it to you. I actually prefer to take their "pussy". Though I'm not a rapey person. It gets to the point to where I imagine myself marrying them or I'll say "fuck. With all the science nowadays I'd find a way to get you pregnant" because they'll be so attractive as hell. I'd love fucking their dick and Cumming in their "pussy". Or I'd see one of these feminine gayboys and think "fuck I'd tear his ass up" and imagine me inside of him and how I'd take him. One of my taboo fantasies are if I was in a nightclub and I took a tranny in the bathroom, got head and fucked them like a women. Then they'd walk out pulling their panties up and their ass full of cum while they finish partying back on the dance floor.

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