Life after 50

I’m a 50 year old very fit male who has been married for 26 years. I love my wife Dana. She’s attractive and can still turn heads. The last couple of years our sex life has dropped considerably. I’ve tried very hard to stay in shape and the last decade I have kept in the best shape possible. My wife Dana started to travel the last 5 years of her job more than ever. Our sex life no matter what shape I was there was no real desire for my wife to make love as I would have expected. I cannot price but I suspect she’s been having an affair with one guy a her job but now I seem to think it’s someone new now. I waited for things to change and of course nothing. I met a college intern named Mia. A short petite blonde with a nice shaped body. We were friends at first but became lovers. I eventually told her about my situation with me and wife.
I have never enjoyed sex so much as I am enjoying with Mia. If I was younger I would consider her my girlfriend. Now we are only lovers and she loves it that way.
I got tired of waiting for my wife to come around. I love Mia's tight little body and we both can’t get enough of each other.
My wife cannot believe how happy I am now and she’s been trying to be sexual again. I’m tired and at the point where I don’t want to touch her after having Mia’s tight body. This has had such a turnaround of events for our relationship sexually between me and wife and she’s sees something in me that she wants again. Deep down inside I’m hurt from my wife and also happy having sex with Mia.
I don’t know how long this will continue with me and Mia but I’m riding it out as long as I can

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