Helping Sis to bed

When I was about 13 my older sister who was 17 at the time came home one Saturday night wasted. She was so drunk her date had to help her to the door. Our parents were gone for the weekend, so I helped her get to her room. I decided to get her undressed and into bed. She was not very cooperative and was just babbling a few words every now and then. As I was pulling her jeans off her panties came off also, and I got my first look at a grown girl’s pussy. I froze immediately like I had done something wrong. I could not believe how beautiful her shaved pussy was! Her pussy lips looked puffy and swollen. I slowly reached out and touched my first pussy, and was amazed at how soft and hot she was. I finished undressing her and got her up on the bed. She was sleeping now, and I just had to check out her naked body a little more! Her breast are not huge, maybe a C cup but there are full and firm. I gently squeezed each one, and rolled her nipples between my finger and thumb. With no reaction from her, I bent down and took one of her nipples in my mouth and slowly sucked on it for a few minutes. She tasted so good! Then I removed all my clothes and got on the bed beside her. I slowly bent her knees and spread her legs wide apart. As I did this, her pussy started to open. As I looked down at her, what could only be cum started to leak out of her pussy. She must have just been fucked! Her mouth was slightly open as she slept and I took my finger and scooped up some of her boyfriends cum and pushed it between her lips. I moved up between her legs and started rubbing the head of my cock up and down her slit. This felt so fucking good I pulled out and quickly shot my young load all over her tits and even up onto her face a little! I used my shirt to wipe her off and ran to my room.
As I lay in my bed, I could not believe what had just happened! Then I was thinking why didn’t I actually fuck her. She was already dripping with cum, a little more couldn’t hurt! I had also heard about eating pussy, and would like to try that on her too. Was she sober enough now that she may wake up? I just had to try!
I stopped by the bathroom and grabbed a warm washcloth to wiped up the cum from her pussy. I didn’t want to eat her boyfriend’s load, at least not all of it!
I moved her arm and leg a little to see if she would react. She seemed to still be sound asleep. I wiped up the cum and even took my finger and reached inside to get most of her boyfriend’s load out of her. Not sure why, but I even smelled and tasted a little of their combined juices. I started licking all in and around her pussy, she even started moaning a little like it was feeling good to her. This scared me a little so I stopped for a few seconds, but she remained asleep. When I stuck my tongue in her it tasted amazing! I even pushed a couple fingers in and out of her for a while. She started moaning again. When I pushed my cock in her for the first time, I think I came before I was even all the way in! I never got soft though, so I slowly started pushing in and out, not wanting to move too much and take the chance of waking her. This was the best thing I had ever felt in my life! I had also heard of anal sex and wanted to try that with her too. I pushed my finger into her pussy and got it wet, then started rubbing around her asshole. After doing this a few times her ass started to open a little and let my finger in. I ate her out some more while fingering her ass, then started slowly working my cock up her ass. I rolled her onto her stomach and entered her again. This time when I was getting ready to cum, I guess I started fucking her pretty hard. She started grunting and started saying Fuck me! fuck me harder! Cum in my ass Bobby! Bobby is her boyfriend! I fucked her hard and fast until I shot my load deep in her ass. When I got up she never even looked back and went back to sleep. I waited up for her to get home many nights after that hoping to relive that experience, but it never happened again!


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  • This never happened, good fantasy though. 🤓

  • You came so many times at 13? Wipe your mouth, it’s covered in cum... oh no it’s full of lies not her boyfriend’s cum.

  • There is no way you got your dick into her ass without a bunch of lube or something..shits fake anyway

  • This is so fucking nasty it actually made my dick look like a belly button

  • You sucked another dudes load lmao fucking nasty dude.

  • Reminds me of my big brother doing that to me. He gave me my first real orgasm rubbing my clit and fucking my ass.

  • That wasn't the first time he fucked you though, he took your pussy first I bet?

  • Anal sex at about 13 with a 17 year old sister? I hope she was packing a big load so you could fuck the shit right out of her.

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